Jets lose and other thoughts


The Jets dropped a tight one at home to the Flyers last night. The team may have deserved a better fate as they out-shot the Flyers by a slim margin and the duo of Montoya and Pavelec were unable to match Philly goaltender Bryzgalov. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. 

What I liked about the game

  • Alexander Burmistrov. Despite being a slim 6.01 at 180 lbs, he lead the Jets in hits on the night with 5 during his 16:01 of icetime. He was also 64% on the dot. Although he was a -1 and only generated one shot (and no points), he continues to impress me with his combination of skill and willingness to use his body. Is it possible he could morph into a ‘Doug Gilmour Lite’- as a slight centreman with skill who doesn’t mind getting his nose dirty? 

  • Even though he wasn’t great and left the game after the second period with a ‘lower body injury’, I like that Coach Noel started Al Montoya in goal. As mentioned yesterday, I didn’t like this move because I am under some delusion that Al Montoya coud be a potential starter for the Jets, but rather because of the message it could send to under achieving starter Ondrej Pavelec. 

What I didn’t like about the game

  • That Alexandre Burmistrov lead the team in hits. Winnipeg needs to be more physical and having only one defenseman, Redmond, register more than one with 2, is almost embarassing. I know that the ‘hits’ stat is flawed, but it still gives a reasonable guide as to which players are willing to play the body- the Jets need more of them. 
  • That two of the Jets’ most trusted defenders, Hainsey and Byfuglien coughed up the puck a combined 6 times. For two guys who were on the ice for a combined 48 minutes out of 60, that has to be a concern for the coaching staff. 

Other NHL Notes

  • I noticed this morning that Wild goalie Josh Harding had to sit out Tuesday’s game against the Canucks because he felt ‘off’. It was reported prior to the season that Harding had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I know what feeling ‘off’ is all about as I was diagnosed with MS in 2006- it is hard to explain to people who don’t have it, but for me it is kind of like being in a haze where nothing feels like it works just right. However, people shouldn’t write of Harding just yet. From my own experience MS isn’t a ‘death march’ and I can do everything now that I could do before. I actually ran my first half marathon after I was diagnosed, so I would imagine a professional athelte will adjust even better. The only reason I can barely raise a puck now is due to age and lack of practice (and I was never that good to begin with). I hope Harding gets back at it soon as there are many like me who have an emotional investment in his progress. 


  • For all the hype coming into this season, the Edmonton Oilers are more sizzle than steak. I caught what was remaining of their game with Dallas last night (where they lost 4-1) and wasn’t all that impressed. The Oilers don’t win draws, try to be too fancy, and are very under-sized up front. Oiler fans should put their parade plans on hold until their GM wakes up and addresses some of the glaring holes in their lineup. However, I don’t know if Tambellini knows how to acquire players by means other than losing. 

Until the next time