Jets All Mustache Team and Other Serious Issues



Jets Win! 

Nice to see the Jets beat Ottawa on Saturday. The game was a tad on the boring side, but I’ll take boring hockey for 2 points any day. The bigger problem for me is that I’m in Vancouver, and for whatever reason, CBC decided to give us the Edmonton / Detroit game instead. Why they would think that people in BC would rather see the hated Oilers play the fading Red Wings over 2 Canadian teams is beyond me. Especially when one of which, the Jets, just happens to be generally well received by everybody across the Country.


I’ve been across Canada, and I can tell you there’s no team with more goodwill aimed towards it than the Jets. It’s a feel-good story, and most everybody I’ve met is happy to see them back, fan or not.

Granted, I still got to watch the Jets game online, but when I go full-screen, the feed freezes every now and then. This free service needs improvement! Between the Freezing and the dull’ish game, perhaps the biggest winner was me for sticking through it all and watching it. Or does that make me the loser?

Jets Should Go All-In on Lou


Why don’t the Jets go after Luongo? I know – you’re saying "They already have Pavelec!", or "He’s got the no-trade". But it’s not every day a Top 5 NHL goalie is readily available. I say damn it all and go for it. 

First, the No-Trade. I have absolutely no evidence to make me think this way, but I bet you that Luongo would accept a move to Winnipeg. For one, he’s already playing in a fishbowl in Vancouver. He could deal with it in Winnipeg, easily. Plus, the goodwill and love the City would have for him would make it easier, if anything. Secondly, and more importantly, expectations would be a tad lower in Winnipeg – at least for the moment. In Vancouver, it’s Cup or bust (or riot). In Winnipeg, Playoffs would be the bar.


And he could do it. The Jets are close without him – I’m positive they’d be a playoff team with him. There’s a solid Defensive core in Winnipeg, and he’d be the best man to back them all up. There’d be so much upside to a move like this. You’d have a Goalie with at least 3-5 years of Superior goaltending left, you’d have a consistent playoff team, and you’d have someone to rival Evander Kane for Best Tweeter on the Team. And you know the old adage about a hot goalie in the playoffs.

As for Pavelec, either trade him or buy him out. Luongo is the significantly better goalie. It would be foolish to allow the less-than-elite incumbent to block any chance of upgrading at the position. 

So, who would be traded for Bobby Lou? I’d start with Ladd, and go from there. If you could get the Canucks to take Pavelec, I’d offer him, too. So Ladd, Pavelec, Postma and a 2nd. Or, with no Pavelec involved, Ladd, Wellwood, Stuart, and a 2nd. Too much? Too little? What do you think?

All Time Jets With a Mustache Team

And now for the most imprtant thing I’ve ever written. Here’s my All Time Jets With a Mustache Team. 


C – Laurie Boschman

Boschman averaged 2.5 penalty minutes a game, which leads many to believe it was an evil moustache under his nose.


LW – Phil Sykes

Just look at that thing. It’s like two half-pieces of bacon. I’ve never met the man, but I’m guessing he’s quite friendly.

RW – Paul MacLean


It’s a fact that his mouth brow has its own orbit. Currently, Paul MacLean’s mustache is enjoying tremendous success as assistant coach of the Ottawa Senators.

D – Tim Watters

That look he’s giving in the bottom right of the Card isn’t the same, sans ‘stache. If I’m GM of an all-Mustache team, that’s the kind of guy I can win with.

D – Dave Babych

One of the most notorious soup strainers in NHL history. JetsNation is lucky to have such mustaches in our History.

G – Doug Soetart

Why is he so tired in that picture? My guess – all the Ladies his lip rug were likely getting him were wearing him out.

Coach – Bob Murdoch

He won the Jack Adams in 89/90 with a coaching style that included finely coiffed facial hair and yelling at Superman midgame.

Top Prospect – Zach Redmond 

5 NHL games so far. 3 points. One Mustache in progress. Let’s hope for the best!

  • I think the conversation would start with Burmistrov- then add Postma (or something in that vein) and a pick.

    What I’ve read seems to suggest Gillis wants a young roster player (most likely a center), another good prospect (Postma), and a pick.

    Do you think that is too much?

  • I think that’s probably too little. In my opinion, Burmistrov isn’t at this point a centre-piece of any major deal.
    It would probably take something significant to land Luongo. I’m not for trading a 1st rounder, especially this years, so other talent would have to be added in. I think Postma and a 2nd are good supplementary pieces, and a major piece like Ladd or Little would have to go the other way, too. I just think Ladd would be a great fit in Vancouver, and although he’s a big piece of the Jets, sometime you gotta give to get.

  • Why Jets’ won’t go for Loungo… combo of 3 reasons:
    Luongo won’t likely go for Jets,
    Jets’ don’t really have depth to trade,
    You then have two bad goalie contracts on one team *although one of them is at least an above league average goalie…