Alexander Burmistrovhas been in a complete slump since the start of the 2013 season and is still trying to find his groove. So far the young Russian centre is nowhere near his point production from previous years and you have to think that this can only last for so long. 

Burmistrov reads plays very well and has had time on the Jets penalty kill this year because of the good defensive aspects of his game. He has a ppg average of 0.125 and that particular stat should have people guessing that something will get going with him in the next few games.

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The first round pick of the Atlanta Thrashers in 2010 has been gradually getting better every year since he made the jump to the NHL, but the 2013 shortened season has been cruel to Burmistrov who only has 1 pt (1G, 0A) and is a -1 in 8 games played.

The young russian hasn’t exactly lit up the league in scoring in his previous two years in the NHL (he averaged 0.368 ppg last season), but something has to give. He will obviously not match his totals from last season, but he should at least be getting his PPG average up from last year.

Another thing that confuses me about this slow start is that Burmistrov had some consistency playing in the AHL registering 11 points (2G, 9A) in 22 games played with the St. John’s Icecaps and that should have lead to him being in mid-season form.

Burmistrov knows exactly what it feels like to be a part of a winning team. He was a valuable piece in the 2009-10 OHL season for the Barrie Colts who went on a 22-game winning streak that year. He played with guys like TJ Brodie and Alex Pietrangelo, the former being in about the same position as Burmistrov; playing in the NHL and trying to find his place with his club. The latter being one of the NHL’s best defencemen and the centerpiece of his team.

Burmistrov registered 65 points (22G, 43A) in 62 games that season, and 16 points (8G, 8A) in 17 games in the playoffs. The Colts won almost every trophy possible that year, although they did miss out on the Memorial Cup because of a red hot Windsor Spitfires squad.

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The Jets are striving for a winning culture in Winnipeg and Burmistrov knows what it takes, but he has to contribute on the points department in order for the team to win.

The Jets are 3-4-1 to start the season; which isn’t exactly a bad start but it could be better. Other than the 8-3 spanking they received at the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Jets have had very close games. In the end the teams that bridge the gap and pull out 1 or 2 points each night are the teams that make the playoffs, especially in a shortened season.

Individual points aren’t everything though; Alex has done his part defensively considering he only has 1 point and is a -1 so far, but you need to put up points in order to win games and Burmistrov should be given a better shot at putting the puck in the net.

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Burmistrov is also very good at drawing penalties; he keeps his feet moving and has good hands that helps push opponents into taking penalties. More minutes would give him a bigger responsibility and may get him out of the stint that he is currently in, but the Jets obviously have no problem being patient with their players and I expect the same thing to happen with Burmistrov by not rushing him into situations he can’t handle. I look forward to seeing him develop more for the Jets and watching him hopefully secure a place in the top six.