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(This month we will be auditioning a number of contributors for JetsNation. This is the first article in a continuing Jets "blogoff)

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On Wednesday of last week, an article appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press titled, " Scheifele still riding pine; Noel grows weary of probing." The article went on to summarize how Scheifele is part of the team’s future and how his being relegated to the press box is creating tension between the MSM and the coach.

Well, Scheilfele was in the line up on Saturday when the Jets were pasted 8-3 by Tampa Bay and his stat-line read like this:

0G, 0A, EV +/-, 0PIM, 0Hits, 0Bks, and 1 SOG

He wasn’t a factor in the game positively or negatively. As flawed as the plus/minus stat is, one would expect the young center who played 16:47 to be at least be a -1 in an 8-3 loss, but he was even. He primarly saw time rotating the center position with Nik Antropov on a line with Andrew Ladd and Bryan Little. He also saw brief stints on the wing and playing center on a line with Little and Evander Kane (hat tip to the for the line breakdowns). 

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Mark Scheifele

What is evident by Scheifele’s TOI and +/- stat in a lop-sided game is that he wasn’t a defensive liability. Given the influx of young talent assuming key roles on their teams around the league (ex. Montreal & Edmonton), the 3-4-1 Jets wouldn’t be harmed by giving youth a chance and keeping Scheifele in the NHL (would it the best for his development? a debate for another day). However, the bigger question is who is Mark Scheifele is terms of career potential? Is he indeed the second coming of Dale Hawerchuk to Winnipeg as some suggest (want)? 

While the compaison to Hawerchuk understandably grabs the attention and imagination of Winnipeg fans, as everyone enjoys being reminded of the ‘good old days.’, it is a flawed. While the Barrie Colts connection exists, Hawerchuk, the player, was a different breed and played in a run and gun offense first era. Consider that for the season leading up to the 1981 draft, Hawerchuk averaged 1.13 (81) goals and 1.42 (102) assists per game for the Cornwal Royals of the QMJHL. Playing for Hawerchuk’s Barrie Colts in the season prior to the 2011 draft, Scheifele averaged 0.33 (22) goals 0.80 (53)assists per game. Even if you were to adjust for time period, team, league, etc. it would be extremely difficult to make a convincing case that from an offensive standpoint you are looking at similar players. 

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However, before you print a copy of this post and attach it to you dart board, please continue to read. I do believe Scheifele has a chance at a career similar to that of a player who lead his Western Canadian team to the Stanley Cup Finals- Trevor Linden. Linden’s junior stats are more comparble as he averaged 0.69 (46) goals and 0.89 (64) assists per game for the Medicine Hat Tigers during the season leading up to the 1988 NHL entry draft. When you consider an example like Greg Hawgood, a smallish defenseman who scored 48 goals for the WHL’s Kamloops Blazers during the 1987-88 WHL season, it is easier to make adjustsments for time period, team, etc. and find Scheifele’s junior stats more comparable. 

In addition to their junior offensive output, there is also the question of body type and style. While Hawerchuk, Scheifele,and Linden are all listed as centres, that doesn’t mean they necessarily play the same position once the puck is dropped. Scheifele is either listed as 6.02 or 6.03 depending where you are looking and Linden is listed by as 6.04. Linden played at 210lbs and Scheifele is currently listed at 185lbs, but it is not hard to imagine a 19 year old adding 15-20 lbs of muscle as he enters his early 20’s (Hawerchuk was listed by as 5.11 and 185lbs). An article posted last spring on the Bleacher Report sums up my thoughts on Scheifele:

The Hockey News projects Scheifele to become a power forward in the NHL one day. Blessed with high-end skill and a projectable frame, Scheifele will be able to play the game with intesity when he adds some more muscle to his 6.03 height. 

When added to the 2011 TSN Draft Rankings projection of Scheifele to be a, " productive centre who is responsible at both ends of the ice," it is even more apparent the Scheifele compares better to a player like Linden than Hawerchuk. Linden was known as a tough two-way player who could either score or shut you down. Sure, Hawerchuk changed his game later in his career to be more defensive, but he would have never been considered a power forward.

If Scheifele ended up with a career similar to that of Trevor Linden, would that be so bad for Jets’ fans? Five thirty goal seasons, a two-way captain, and a trip to the finals? Most teams would take that in a heart beat. 

  • AlexDanielLehr

    I agree that Scheifele could become a physical presence, but I think he will develop to rely much more on his skills and his ability to see the ice and feed his team mates the puck. I like the idea of him becoming a Trevor Linden type player but Hawerchuk and Linden were in a completely different era; the game is faster and the goalies are much better. I foresee Mark becoming somewhat in between them, not as elite a goal scorer as Hawerchuk; not as physical as Linden, but a responsible centre on both ends of the ice.

    Also, that was a great read.

  • I completely agree- it is really hard to compare players from different eras. I was pretty shocked to see Greg Hawgood had almost 50 in the WHL. He was a solid defenseman for the Bruins, but there is no way I would have predicted finding that.

    Somewhere in between Hawerchuk in Linden in terms of playing style? I’d agree with that. If he ends up somewhere between Hawerchuk and Linden in terms of a career, the Jets will have a heck of a player. It may be a reach, but you never know.

  • I think Scheifele ends up being a very good 3rd line centre who wil lchip in 15 to 20 every year. Not sure he was drafted for the offensive portion of his game. He seems to be (from what little I have seen of him) a tough player to play against and isn’t afraid to go to the hard areas of the rink. I seem to remember him taking a pounding in at the WJC.

    Although you perked some interest mentioning Hawerchuk, remember that the only reason Hawerchuk didn’t win Hart Trophy’s is because he played in the same era as Gretzky.

    I agree he ends up becoming more of a poor mans Trevor Linden.

    • I only mentioned Hawerchuk because I started reading the comparison (and hearing them) the moment he was drafted.

      I have never thought a straight comparison between the two worked.

      Gretzky screwed many guys of out potential awards. Can you imagine being as good as Lemieux to constantly hear your were second best? ‘Hey look I scored 199 pts’ ‘Yeah, but Gretzky had 200 more than once.’

  • Scheifele, to me, is Shanahan-esque. I think it’s going to take him some time though. I just don’t see him making a major impact in the next couple years, but down the road, he’s going to be a major contributor. At least I hope so!

    • Early career Shanahan (New Jersey/St. Louis) or later (Detroit Red Wings) Shanahan?

      I don’t see Scheifele as reminiscent of the earlier version of Shanahan (he was pretty nasty in his New jersey/St. Louis days), but I can see a comparison with what he became in Detroit.

  • Scheifele isn’t a pussy cat, but I don’t really see him as a traditional power forward either. He plays a really really clean game for the most part and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was more Lady Byng than anything.

    It will be interesting to see how he develops as time passes.

  • Travis Hrubeniuk

    Although I don’t see him becoming a Hawerchuk, I think it’s important to look at Scheifele’s OHL stats from the start of this year. He had 22 goals (matching his previous total) and 27 assists in 30 games, going at a 1.63 point per game pace.

    I personally think he outplayed Huberdeau at the WJC’s this year, and really grew after his time with the Ice Caps in the playoffs. It may be a stretch to say he is going to be a top line guy in the NHL some day, but I would be more than pleased to see him as a second line center and a big body who can get to the net.

    • I was comparing stats leading up to their respective drafts. There is no way to know (or compare) Hawerchuk or Linden as 19 year olds in junior as they made the immediate jump to the NHL following their drafts. It is highly likely Hawerchuk would have been a 200+ point scorer in the Q as a 19 year old (Ray Ferraro had 192 in the WHL two seasons after he was drafted).

      Each year of development makes a huge difference with junior aged players, so looking at Scheifele’s stats this season for the purposes of the comparisons I make is out of place as there is nothing to compare them against.