KHL: Minsk vs. Severstal, Omsk vs. Riga


I gotta go to a game in Minsk…

Anyway – HOCKEY!


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An awesome game between Dynamo Minsk and Severstal. Lots of playoff implications.

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An upset in Riga.

And both in one.

  • I tried it at home

    Nice works, guys, keep it up. Im starting to be able to identify players in the KHL now, just goes to show what actually playing games will do for fan interaction. Even if the NHL decides to come back this year, Id like to see the KHL updates continue

  • I tried it at home

    I’d like to also complement Steve for this excellent work. It”s the only way we get our hockey fix and the quality of play is very good and, really, there are more sweet goals in the K, likely due to the bigger ice surface giving players an extra second. Great work guys!

  • I don’t like the way they cover their jugs all up with the feathers, you know, Reg?

    They are so beautiful.

    They oughta cut the costumes up higher on the thigh, so you can see more a..

    You make me sick when you speak, Morris.

    This isn’t art. This is s..

  • book¡e

    I would love to see some kind of review about the sustainability of the KHL. As I understand it, it is basically a very unsustainable league at present. How much are tickets to a game? How much are advertising revenues? What is the income from television and other forms of revenue?

    It seems to be a playground for Russia’s billionaires who don’t care how much money they lose. Is that a correct assumption?

    • Totally different financial model from the NHL. Are some of the teams just toys for the owners? Yup. Just like in most sports leagues. As Andrey tells me, it’s also much more of a social program than a money-maker.

      I don’t know how people have the balls to criticize the KHL’s financial situation (though problematic) while the NHL is in its third lockout in 18 years.

  • Guy Lafleur

    Steve how come you dont show much scrapping in your hi lite pcks , i like it , i would like to see the NHL go to the larger ice .Its nice to watch a league that makes entertainment its 1st priority and not the mighty errr maybe not dollar!!
    Does the KHL plan on televising any games in to the Canadian market??

    • I’ve heard whispers that the KHL is coming to Canadian TV, but they’re only whispers for now.

      We don’t show many scraps because there aren’t many. And I’m not really into showing those little shoving matches in front of the net. We’ve shown both Mirasty-Gillies fights, Malkin vs. Hedman, Malkin vs… someone who I forget, Andrei Markov fighting, Ovechkin getting challenged to a fight in the handshake line – we still show them. The KHL just doesn’t really have many goons.