Evander Kane Needs Your Help In Regaining His Smile

Evander Kane has plenty of reason to be happy. But he could be even happier.

On the surface, it seems like Evander Kane has it all. He has a $31.5 million contract with the Winnipeg Jets (whenever the NHL resumes play), talent that allowed him to score 30 goals in the best league in the world at the age of 20, all the fast food grub you could possibly want, and a follower count on Twitter that exceeds 106,000 (even though he isn’t exactly all that frequent a tweeter).

But two things that he doesn’t have are a satisfactory background and header image for his @Kane9JETS Twitter account. And that’s why he has laid down the gauntlet to not only Jets and Evander Kane fans, but anyone with some semblance of creativity and/or expertise when it comes to designing images.

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If you’re expecting me to give you a hint as to what Evander Kane wants, then you’re out of luck. All I can tell you is what he has revealed, and it’s that he’s looking for something "creative" that "looks good".

On the one hand, it’s tough to get started without having a clue as to what he fancies. If you’re an optimistic person, though, you’ll view this as an opportunity to let your imagination run wild, without any restrictions; and you’re also likely the same person that thinks the NHL season still isn’t lost.

If the inspiration of being a good samaritan isn’t enough for you, then maybe you’ll be inspired by the fact that Kane will send you a signed jersey, and stick. Not a bad deal if you ask me. I know that I’d be putting myself in the running if I had anything resembling artistic creativity in my bones. The last such thing that I can lay claim to is the drawing of Joe Sakic that I did when I was 8, which my mom has still hanging on the fridge.

Evander Kane is currently in the midst of a tough stretch, having scored just 1 goal in 11 games for Dynamo Minsk. He has as many suspensions as he does goals, so things could be going better for him at the moment. You have until November 10th to do your part in helping Evander Kane regain his smile. 

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