Nation Radio – June 30, 2012

‘Twas the night before a frenzy and all through the league, every pundit was prepping for long weekend fatigue…

The big day turned out to be rather uneventful, with only a few notable names finding homes. That said, it was a good weekend for the Edmonton Oilers – they won the Schultz sweepstakes and retained the still very effective Ryan Smyth on an extremely reasonable deal. Those additions and others across the Nation were set-up and discussed yesterday by LT and a wide range of guests, including Terry Jones, Tom Lynn and Bruce McCurdy.

This is Nation Radio.

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Part 1

First up is player agent Tom Lynn. Topics include Justin Schultz, the draft and free agency.

Part 2

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The Cult of Hockey’s Bruce McCurdy shares some first hand observations of the Oilers prospect camp.

Part 3 

Nations overlord Kent Wilson heads up segment three with a discussion of the Flames various moves over the last week, plus weather Jay Bouwmeester would be a good fit in Edmonton.

Part 4

Terry Jones of the Edmonton Sun drops in and talks Justin Schultz and the Oilers depth on defense.

Part 5

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LeafsNation’s new boss Cam Charron shares some thoughts on Toronto, including the buy-out of Colby Armstrong and Nazem Kadri.

Part 6

Finally, the Nations roving Russian Reporter, Andrey Osadchenko joins LT to talk Igor Larionov and the Oilers Russian prospects.


Whole shebang.

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  • Alsker

    With all the bad contracts handed out, the Smitty one is steal.

    What the heck is Vancouver doing giving a guy with one good season 27 mil and 6 years. That is just ugly.

  • vetinari

    The Garrison contract reminds me of when the Oil give Pisani that stupid multi-year contract after the 2006 run– one good year is not necessarily the sign of things to come… it could just be a fluke or aberration.

  • justDOit

    Actually, Garrison has had a couple of good seasons now, but he did really hit it out of the park last year, playing with Campbell.

    So he’ll go from playing on the top shutdown tandem in Fla to playing 2nd toughest competition in Vancouver. With Salo gone, he’ll still get some good point production on the PP and should do well.

    I would rate Ballard, Wideman and Bryan Allen’s contracts all much worse. Heck, even Souray is getting almost $4M/yr for 3 years. Yikes.

  • justDOit

    Or how about Radulov’s contract? $9.2M USD per year to play in the KHL…

    Of course, that looks better than it is. After you factor in the cost of hiring your own medical staff, and chartering your own plane, you might be left with $4M or so.

  • justDOit

    PREDICTION : If i was a player with thoughts of moving , i’d tell my agent to check out Oilers first, if i had any forsight beyond just next year ! They still need a few pieces and the next year they will be catapulting . Love to get in on that action / bandwagon A.S.A.P.. Oilers banner : Only those serious about hockey need apply . Days of having/need to overpay are diminishing i believe due to our bright future . Keep the momentum going . The new face Edmonton Oilers have that feel of when we swept the Canadians before the year we started to really breakout . Maybe that will be our rallying song – Breakout !

  • justDOit

    Schultz may turn out to be good but having to guarantee top 4 minutes and pp time to get a college guy to sign strikes me as very odd. What if he is a bust? You still have to play him like you agreed to.

    • justDOit

      Despite all the rumours of the Schultz camp demanding top 4 minutes, that can’t be guaranteed in a contract. If you take Schultz at his word when he says, “If I make the team…”, then it becomes pretty clear that he really just wanted to dictate his team and he wanted to play this situation out to get the max ELC money.

      The Oilers will have every right to start him out in the AHL this year, if they feel he isn’t ready. At that point, if Schultz wants to sulk and not report or demand a trade, he would automatically become the pissiest punk the NHL has ever seen. It’s in his best interest to play ball here, and accept whatever role the team wants him in.

      • justDOit

        His agent said only one team met all of his needs and with the talk by other organizations of top 4 demands and pp time, leads us to the assumption that this was met if only verbally.

        • justDOit

          True. But now it’s on Justin to do the right thing.

          If he’s in over his head, I’m sure that he won’t want to be in the lineup while guys like Dustin Brown and Clutterbuck run him into the end boards on a nightly bases. He will want the AHL to help him acclimate to the speed of the pro game. His college buddy, Jake Gardiner spent a dozen or so in the AHL before coming up to the big league.

          If he’s not in way over his head in TC, but the Oilers still suggest he start in OKC, he can’t really afford to bitch about it either. He’s already been painted in an unfavorable light in the media, and any move on his part that could be seen as selfish would be bad right now.

          If he does hold out because of an AHL assignment, then it’s really no loss to the Oilers and they cut him loose. That’s the worst case scenario for the club, and it’s really not the same as watching a high draft pick walk for nothing.

          What will be interesting, is if Klefbom is ready for the NHL. Can the team afford to have two rookie defenders in the lineup? Not likely.

  • justDOit

    Not a big Laracque fan , but if Oilers fail to build enough , he might be a one year help . KINGLY fever braced the UFA trade scenario with many so called tough guys getting vastly overpaid . We resisted and good on us , but still are weak in that area going into next season at least . Hordichuk and Eager are not enough to keep other clubs from still running us , and i doubt Laracque addition will eradicate either – but it should reduce it to a more acceptable level .

    Whitney gets $9M from Dallas is the contract that floored me . Have to wonder if Iginla getting antzy about going elsewhere now that Flames appear to be going backwards . What’s the story on O. Jokinen ? Is he injured and likely damaged goods ? KHL bound ?

  • justDOit

    MADJAM’S TAKE ON BOUMEESTER ; He’s wasting away in Calgary because they do not have the offence that suits his style . Now he’s had the taste of hometown pressure by being so close in Calgary , he should be able now to handle the pressure here . Edmontons forwards would help bring out the best in Boumeester . Worth persuing/checking out at least ?

    Many players at a decent price worth looking at other than high priced talent as well . Perhaps a Glencross back in fold might be interesting . Looks to me like Iginla will be of offer now till end of year unless Flames do something radical to make them better . Flames loosing a young Moss i do not see as a positive for Flames .

    Would a minor trade for a S.Thornton be of value to our Oilers ? Clarkson ( i believe) from the Devils i find of interest although not on the cheaper side .

  • Cowbell_Feva

    I am glad it wasn’t the Oilers who signed Garrison. As it was mentioned above, he only had one good season. I heard on Sportsnet he had only 3 goals in his previous 150-something games so…

    I think the Canucks are at a cross-road. They almost won the cup two years ago, then out in the 1st round. Their star goalie wants out, and are willing to stick an un-proven starter into the pressure pot that is Vancity. Now they lost out on the Shultz and paid quite a bit for a UFA that played in the Southeast division. I recall Ballard coming from the same team and being a $4.4 million-dollar-healthy-scratch during their cup run.

    What if Schneider can’t hold his own, or a Sedin gets concussed again long-term. I know any team can have this happen, but I guess my point is that this team is a long ways from the one that went to Game 7 a few years ago. God I can only hope for another 41 years of futility!!

    • YFC Prez

      No, he won’t score 16 goals next year. His shooting % is unsustainable.

      Vancouver didn’t pay Garrison for goals. They paid him because he’s a solid 2 way player who has shown for 2 seasons now (not one as you contend) that he can effectively play either a shut down role against the top lines of the opposition or an offensive role.

      He also plays on the right side – which makes him more valuable.

      6 years would also take him only to his 32 birthday.

      He’s only $885,000 more than a 38 year old Sami Salo and cheaper than Wideman.

      Vancouver also has management with a long term plan in place in which alot of their core took less so Gillis could pay guys like Garrison to augment the core.

      Again, read up on Thomas Drance’s take and you might understand why no one is too worried about Garrison’s contract.

  • YFC Prez

    O .Jokenin gets $4.5M a season for 2 years from Jets . Good thing we avoided that overpayment . Flames make matters worse by signing Hudler to a $4M contract . I’m sure he’ll add to the new size and toughness the Flames are after/seeking – not . A.Vigneau( is like vignettes of history -all in the past as they say . Hope Parise signs back with Devils like Brodeur did . I doubt Suter will ever live up to the contract he’ll probably get .

  • DCR

    The Canucks signed Garrison for his defense, not his offense. Defensively, he’s had two good seasons out of two and half seasons in the NHL.

    The contract is still on the high side, but not unreasonably so when you consider Sami Salo is getting 7.5 million over the next two years in Tampa and will probably struggle to give them 100 games over that span.

    He may or may not be worth that amount, but if you look at the other contracts thrown around this year it’s under market value.

  • Copperblueandwhite

    Souray for $11.5m over 3 was a stunner. Garrison is a good signing, he’ll do well there. I’d like Boum here but they’d lynch Feaster. We need another defensive 2 way guy.

  • DCR

    Here is an adv. stat. analysis of J. Garrison:

    Conclusion: Top tier defensive player
    Decent offensive guy. Not a elite possession
    player. Another solid B defenseman for the ‘Nucks and in my view moves into 2nd or 3rd on depth chart behind Dan Hamhuis and K. Bieska on his good days. Also, having only played 2.5 years has opportunity to improve.A B grade D for 4.6 mill is def. undervalue in today’s marketplace!


  • Copperblueandwhite

    Souray for $11.5m over 3 was a stunner. Garrison is a good signing, he’ll do well there. I’d like Boum here but they’d lynch Feaster. We need another defensive 2 way guy.

  • Copperblueandwhite

    MADJAM ANALYASIS our division : Moving forward in order of probability from top to bottom . Oilers ,Colorado , Minnesota . Moving down in order Flames and Canucks – neither looks better at this stage. Have to wonder if Flames will drop for next seasons Jones and MacKinnon sweepstakes by design ? Feaster and turmoil expected out of Flames i believe . Question -should Flames blow up now , while some high touted veterans should have more value than later ? With that in mind how about for starters we offer a switch in round one pick with Calgary for starters. Followed up with a majority of our next round picks 3-7 for Boumeester, and or perhaps Iginla or Kipper and Glencross as a topper ?

  • Rose Colored Glasses

    This is going to be a interesting year for Calgary thats for sure. I don’t think Feaster is done yet, I am sure they are shopping BOUMEESTER, we all waiting for this team to blow up this year but at least they are making a effort to shake things up. They just need to find some chemistry. They may surprise a few of us this year 🙂

  • Quicksilver ballet

    These decade+ mega deals make any team eligible for players like Ryan Suter. Edmonton could be a player if these ground rules are still in effect.

    Suter to Edmonton, hmmm.

  • Copperblueandwhite

    Suter not as good for us as Weber could be for us . I’d strech a little for Weber , but not for Suter . Edmonton could be a player but i hope their not .