Nation Radio – May 19, 2012

In Alberta the off-season has become a question of coaches with both the Flames and Oilers looking to fill vacancies behind the bench. With the NHL playoffs winding down and the Memorial cup firing up, attentions are turning towards prospects and the impending free agent season as well.

The guests this week include Jonathan Willis, Tom Lynn and Corey Pronman. They joined Lowetide to talk the above topics and others including hedge fund management strategy, the importance of sustainable lifestyles in the 21st century and the best places to find a good sandwich in Western Canada (not really).

This is Nation Radio.

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Segment 1

First up is Jonathan Willis of OilersNation and the Cult of Hockey. JW looks at the dismissal of Tom Renney, the possibility of Brent Sutter joining the Oilers, the upcoming entry draft and the launch of NHLNumbers.

Segment 2

Next we invited player agent Tom Lynn to discuss players and teams heading to the draft as well as the NHL’s collective bargaining agreement.

Segment 3

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Regular guest and prospect guru Corey Pronman shares some of his insights about the kids. 

Segment 4

Oil Kings Color Commentator Kent Simpson is back to talk the Oil Kings WHL victory and trip to the Memorial Cup. Tom Renney comes up as well.

Segment 5

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Bruce McCurdy of the Cult of Hockey looks at the Oil Kings as well, in addition to looking back at Tom Renney’s time behind the Oilers bench.

Segment 6

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In the final segment Lowetide goes it alone to wrap things up.


The whole enchilada.

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  • Old Soldier

    On the subject of possible coaches. I dont have a huge issue with Sutter (though the rumblings of discord with Iginla could be reflective of his ability to get along with star players), but I want to throw a name out there that hasn’t gotten much play.

    Doug Weight

    He is an assistant coach with the Islanders, and a special assistant to the GM. He is arguably the most iconic Oiler since the cup teams, and he has stated publicly and repeatedly that he loved his time in Edmonton and that looking back he wished he had stayed.

    Now as to whether he is a good coach or not, I have no clue, though I do remember his personality and leadership was probably the best the team ever had after Messier.

  • Just how good is Yakupov ? Is he projected to be a franchise player to build around ? Will his top end run close to a Datsyuk , Malkin or Ovechkin ? Will he project out to surpass Hall , Eberle and /or Hopkins ? If we don’t draft him then i would hope we get a huge price (upper eschilon ) for allowing someone else to get him .

  • If Sutter’s stint as head coach for Canada at the World Championship was a test run, god help the Oilers if he does in fact get hired. A team with millions of dollars in talent gets beat by a team that ends up getting slaughtered by the Russians. At least the Russians gave a damn enough to show up for their country, unlike some Canadians…

    Like I told my buddy, every Stamkos for himself.

    It would be pure bliss to watch Sutter night in and night out, coaching the Oilers. They’d have an offensive zone faceoff on an icing and he would put out Belanger and Hordichuk almost every time. Hall and Eberle would play against Datsyuk, Crosby, Toews, et al. every night and get their heads bashed in.

    Hubris will get me though. Flames will end up with Hartsburg or Tortorella or Pierre McGuire as their coach and I will hang my head in shame.