Report: Russian club offers Alexander Burmistrov a contract to play in the KHL

It appears that another club is vying for the services of Alexander Burmistrov. Ak-Bars Kazan, the KHL team that developed Burmistrov back in Russia, has reportedly offered the Winnipeg Jets forward a contract.

Here, in part, is the report from the Edmonton Journal’s Peter Adler:

Shamil Khusnutdinov, the club’s director, is confirming that Kazan has also offered a contract to Alexander Burmistrov of the Winnipeg Jets… Khusnutdinov would not reveal any more details other than the club’s representatives have already talked to Burmistrov who is now in training with Team Russia for the world championships.

Burmistrov played one game for Ak Bars Kazan back in 2008-09, before making the jump to the Ontario Hockey League, but he played for Kazan’s youth clubs as a teenager.

Undoubtedly, Ak Bars Kazan can trump Burmistrov’s current contract – he makes just $1.5 million including bonuses, with a lower base salary as an entry-level player – but this doesn’t seem likely to go through. The NHL and KHL do not have a transfer agreement, but they do have a memorandum of understanding that should prevent either side from signing players with a contract in the other league.

Burmistrov’s agent, Mark Gandler, says the report is without substance:

“Nobody talked to me. The guy is under contract. End of discussion.”

  • Robert Cleave

    I’m glad you posted this, JW, since people other than you were citing the report on Twitter, and I’m also glad you’ve correctly included Gandler’s direct denial. That noted, for the love of all that’s holy, is there any chance we can generally agree to quit treating anything from Peter Adler as worthwhile?

    I have no idea who this person is when he isn’t at home, but virtually everything of his I’ve read has left me wondering how on earth he ever obtained a soapbox at the Journal. His columns around the time of the Thrashers’ relocation were particularly obtuse, since he made it through two of them without even realizing who Mark Chipman was.

    • Adler’s pretty well connected on the European side of things – the Jagr/Edmonton talks a few years ago (that ultimately turned out to have basis) came from him.

      I often disagree with his opinion pieces, but on news from Europe I typically listen.

  • RexLibris

    So add one more example to cite for those wanting the Oilers to trade their pick or draft a non-Russian player.

    The memorandum of understanding regarding respecting players under contract in another league is interesting. I hadn’t heard of there being any developments in the NHL/KHL negotiations.

    I have to wonder, though, with the culture of some of the ownership groups in the KHL, whether they would fully respect Medvedev’s negotiated agreements. Just as there are some GMs in the NHL who wield an unequale share of influence, I suspect that same occurs in the KHL.