Nation Radio – March 31, 2012

Because even Lowetide needs a break now and then, we decided to go with a bit of a "best of" clip show this week. Past segments featuring Sean Brown, Todd Nelson and Skip Krake are included. Fret not folks, LT will be back soon to talk about the MPS recall fiasco (amongst other things)…

This is Nation Radio.

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Segment 1

We start things off former Oiler Sean Brown. He dropped by the Nation last fall to talk about his time as an Oiler, his experiences in Europe and what he’s been up to recently.

Segment 2

From an interview in January, OKC Barons coach Todd Nelson discusses the Oilers farmhands and how they’ve been doing this season.

Segment 3

Famous Vancouver blogger Tom Benjamin appeared on the show back in November. He talked to Allan about Mark Howe, the impact of fighting and the trap.

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Segment 4

Former NHLer Skip Krake and Lowetide recall Ace Bailey, the WHA and early expansion.

Segment 5

Right after the draft and during the early days of free agency last summer, Michael Spiedel dropped by to talk about the Oilers improvement.

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Segment 6

From October, Jeff Krushell talked about the impact of hockey at Mile High, injuries to the Oilers and recovery time for athletes.

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Whole thing.

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