Nation Radio – March 10, 2012

It’s that time of year again – you know, the one where Oilers fan’s thoughts turn to prospects and the draft lottery while other fans are embroiled in playoff battles and scoreboard watching. Lowetide covers all the bases this week by talking Flames, Canucks and the 2012 entry draft.

This is Nation Radio.

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Segment 1

"Blue Bullet" Brad McPherson kicks off the show with his list of top 20 draft prospects.

Segment 2

Jeff Angus of Dobber Hockey and Canucks Army shares his thoughts on Vancouver, the trade deadline and college hockey players.

Segment 3

Nation overlord Kent Wilson drops by and talks about the Flames never completely fading playoff hopes, Sven Baertschi as well as his recent work at Puck Daddy.

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Segment 4

OilersNation own Jonathan Willis shares his thoughts on Tom Renney and some possible new coaching options for the Oilers as well as goaltending and the potential return of Dustin Penner.

Segment 5

Part four this week features Jeff Krushell of the Krush Sports Performance Show. Jeff and Allan discuss the effect of injuries on draft eligible players as well as how athletes tend to recover from certain injuries, with specifics on Ales Hemsky.

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Segment 6

Oil Kings play-by-play man Corey Graham is the final guest this week. He talks about Martin Gernat and Travis Ewanyk.

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Whole thing.

  • Chris.

    All that is left is to see if we pick fist.

    Or if the Nuge is the fist Oiler to win the Calder… Or if Renny gets his fist contract extension… or if Eberle is the fist Oiler to score 40 since Klima… Or, Or, Or….

  • John Chambers

    LT, you said your hunch was that the Oilers try and trade for a top-pair D man this summer.

    Who do you think is the likeliest trade target? Weber? Yandle? Mike Green?

    What do you think we’re willing to give up that would be of interest to other teams? Are Paajarvi and Omark at all interesting? Klefbom? Our 2013 1st round pick?

    If we make a deal like this does it preclude us from signing a Wideman or other top-4 UFA?

    Personnally I’d be willing to trade Whitney + Paajarvi + the 2013 1st rounder for Mike Green and Braden Holtby, and still add Wideman or a 5-6 filler like Colaiaccovo or Spacek. If Corey Potter is in our top-6 next year, God help us.

  • Lowetide


    1. I haven’t looked but would think the list includes Jason Garrison (FLA), Fedor Tyutin (CBS), Keith Yandle (PHX), Tyler Myers (BUF). It won’t be cheap.

    2. I think EDM would/should be willing to give up an assortment of this year’s lottery pick, Gagner, Hemsky, Paajarvi, etc. It’s going to take a lot. There’s also a chance EDM trades their lottery pick plus a lot for CBS’s #1 overall and Tyutin.

    3. I think Edmonton needs two defensemen, especially with Whitney’s struggles. Tambellini has to be aware of that, suspect EDM will be in the mix for any quality D available.

    Green worries me, he’s been injured for what seems like forever. If he’s right? Great trade.

    • John Chambers

      At least Green’s injuries have been to different parts of his body, not a situation like Whitney where it’s all been lower-body, or Hemsky where time and again it’s the shoulder. Green’s current contract is a bad precendent, however, so if he puts together a strong first half of next year he’ll command in the neighbourhood of $6M. This might not posit great return over a longer period.

      Tyutin or Garrison aren’t the impact D I think we should be looking for, but if we add them as depth then I’m all smiles.

      If training camp begins and we haven’t added a D of at least Wideman or Yandle’s calibre, I’ll have officially joined the list of angry fans demanding a change in management.

  • John Chambers

    The past 2 weeks I’ve been having a tough time listening to the radio segments posted here.

    Here’s the problem. I’ll start listening to a segment, and then, at a seemingly random point, the audio will stop. The segment is still playing, but no more sound. I can move the playbar to a different segment, still no sound. If I refresh the page, and start playing the segment again, the audio will stop at a different point of the segment. Odd

    It might be something to do with my computer (new Mac Air), but I thought I’d post just in case others were having the same issue.

    Love the show, and thanks LT. I’m disappointed that I can’t catch up on the goods.

  • D

    I had the same problem when listening on Internet Explorer. So I reloaded the Oilersnation page on Firefox and the segments worked. It might be a browser problem.

    Also, it’s possible to listen from the source. Load the Oilersnation page on any browser, then go to “view” and then “source” and it should open the source code in a text engine. Scroll down and load the podcast from the source. For example, the source link for the last segment is :

    Cut and paste that into a browser address page and it should work.