Nation Radio – February 18, 2012



Playoffs are a distant hope for the third straight season in Edmonton this year. The focus now shifts to the pending trade deadline, the kids and, eventually, the draft. This week Allan visits with California hockey fan and writer Earl Sleek, welcomes various voices familiar with both pro and amateur Edmonton prospects and shares some reader/listener thoughts on the rapidly approaching deadline.

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This is Nation Radio.

Segment 1

The first segment features the Battle of Cali’s Earl Sleek. Earl and Allan talk all things Ducks and Kings.

Segment 2

Lisa McRitchie writes for Kukla’s Korner and the Copper & Blue, tracking the oil youngsters. She discusses Griffin Renhart, Matt Dumba, Tyler Pitlick and the adjustment the necessary adjustment to pro hockey life prospects must go through.

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Segment 3

Oil Kings commenator Kent Simpson joins Allan in segment three. They talk the Oil Kings (naturally) and Tom Renney

Segment 4

Oklahoma Barons play-by-play man Jim Byers shares some thoughts on the loss of Ryan O’Marra and Gilbert Brule, as well as the return of Linus Omark.

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Segment 5

The fifth segment features Krueger’s post game comments.

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Segment 6

Finally, Allan shares and discusses some trade deadline emails.


The whole enchilada.

  • Beats me if it really matters, but I’d rather link Lisa’s Twitter or her actual blog, Oil Patch, rather than her profile at KK. Doesn’t say much about her.

    But now, I’m going to tune in rather than posting meaningless comments here. Thanks for the update Kent!

  • Mitch2

    Nation Radio is speechless on the Flames.

    : )

    If the Oilers are not in the bubble club for the playoffs next year, they might be hitting the panic button. Rebuilds have a timeline. If they miss next year that is 7 years, year after is 8 years.

    Could be a failed rebuild, even with RNH and Hall…

  • beloch

    Eberle and Hall are RFA’s after next season, and RNH the season after. All three are great players who are going to command big pay raises when that happens. They’re not making peanuts now, but they’re all going to be $$$$$ after.

    What this means is that Edmonton needs to do well next season. That’s the last season they’re going to have all these guys for cheap and have cap space to spend on secondary players. If they can’t make a good run next year, Hall and Eberle are unlikely to sign at a home-town discount. Why would they? While it is going to get harder to field a good team behind those guys, they’re also going to get better as they mature, but still, can one line carry a team? (See Calgary right now for what that looks like, and imagine anyone less than a red-hot Kipper in net!)

    • Mitch2

      Exactly Bel

      The Oilers have to make significant trades by the deadline or the off-season at the latest because the clock is ticking.

      This off-season to me is the first ice patch, as they drive along in their rebuild. A failure to improve in performance next season is a sign they may be headed right for the ditch and flipping the car to join the Thrashers / Islanders.

      Oiler fans are in this wonderful dreamy little bubble of cheap RFA contracts, tons of prospects and shopping through the top of the draft list. They have not even begun to consider the challenges of long term Cap management, tough trades, going for UFAs and getting committed player leadership.

      Just making the playoffs is extremely tough, never mind holding a elite top team together. They got their top player in RNH but so did the Jackets with Nash, look where they are today. Is that the Oilers 10 years out?

      One playoff appearance in 12 years for Columbus and they have had 9 top ten draft picks, well it will be ten if you include this year.

      Rebuilds from scratch are high risk.