Nation Radio – February 11, 2012



With the trade deadline looking on the horizon and injuries starting to pile up acorss various rosters, the buyers and sellers are starting to line up across the league. Topics this week include Hockey day in Canada, Oiler memories and some of the needs and wants of Canadian NHL teams leading up to February 28.

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This is Nation Radio.

Segment 1

Jonathan Willis of Oliers Nation and the Cult of Hockey joins Allan to talk the Gagner explosion, Jordan Ebelere’s progress this season and, of course, trade possibilities.

Segment 2

Next up, the Nation’s managing editor Kent Wilson drops by to discuss the Flames never-dying playoff chances and what calgary might be looking to do at the deadline.

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Segment 3

In the third segment, Allan shares some Oiler memories. 

Segment 4

Jason Gregor of Oilers Nation and the Jason Gregor show headlines part four, talking the Oilers/Sens game, defense and Anton Lander.

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Segment 5

Cam Charron of Canucks Army joins and discusses the NW division leaders, including Henrik Sedin.

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Segment 6

Finally, JP Nikota of Leafs Nation stops by to offer some thoughts on Mats Sundin.


Whole thing.

  • Lowetide

    A couple of notes: Segment three features a brilliant email from our own Archaeology; and the Gregor segement is terrific, highlighted by the beginning where he goes off on the TOI in yesterday’s first period.

    great stuff.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    I’m not sure if Matt not being able to witness the glory days is a blessing or a curse.

    Being old enough to have seen “the best”, it’s frustrating to sit by and have to watch “the rest” during the last two decades or so.

  • D

    “I’ll bet the Ottawa Senators are terrified when Lander, Petrell, and Eager come over the boards.”

    Well I guess they should have been because Eager scored. Yes, his bad defense also allowed Alfferdson to tie the game, but still.

  • D

    Really like your comments in segment 3 LT. The point regarding losing Messier really hit home because I think we all agree that the Oilers could have probably kept him if they really wanted to do so.