Nation Radio – January 21, 2012



With Edmonton’s post-season hopes once again turning cold, Lowetide’s attention is sensibly turning to the long-term again, with his gaze shifting towards the upcoming draft in June 2012. Futures and the ever depressing Battle of Alberta are the topics du jour.

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This is Nation Radio.

Segment 1

Regional scout for Redline Report Kirk Luedeke starts us off. The Boston Bruins drafting excellence as well as the importance of prospect development are amongst the topics.

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Segment 2

Hockey Prospectus’ prospect guru Corey Pronman heads up the second segment. Lowetide and Corey talk about some of the players in the upcoming draft as well as Corey’s current "top 50 NHL prospects" list.

Segment 3

Mr. twolingpass Ryan Lambert of Puck Daddy and FlamesNation is up next. He discusses how bright the future is for the Oilers and how much of a challenege they represent for the Flames going forward. Hahahaha, just kidding.

Segment 4

Oil Kings PbP voice and host of Edmonton sports night live, Corey Graham stops by. Corey looks talks about Griffin Reinhart, WHL prospects and the Oil Kings in particular.

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Segment 5

Nation overlord Kent Wilson makes his weekly visit. Calgary’s direction, willingness to rebuild and future trades are the topics.

Segment 6

Some audio from the Battle of Alberta pre-game, including Taylor Hall.

Whole thing

For those of you who want the full meal deal.

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  • Wow – what a deperessing coaching effort last night.

    Ales and the team did not play well – they obviously knows he could be traded.

    Sign Ales Hemsky!

    Never have I seen a coach pull the goalie when down by 3. Get rid of the entire coaching staff. They are rattled and have no idea how to fix this team.

    The fix is a strong shot of confidence and nothing more. That confidence starts at the GM and the Coaching staff and trickles down to the players.

  • im sick of being an oilers fan we need new management, im becoming a flames fan they play with heart oilers are gonna get another 1st pick nothings changing so many bums like horcoff and hemsky to be honest we need a new GM we even have a stupid tv show OIL CHANGE? theres no fricking change ya i love the oilers history but im done with this lame team tricking there fans EVERY YEAR WE NEED NEW GM AND COACH IM OFFICIALLY DONW WITH THE LOSERS (OILERS)

  • How can Pronman be so low on Klefbom and so high on Murray.Did he see the same games I saw??
    Klefbom is two months from being in the same draft as Muray.The Murray I saw reminds me of Chorney another oiler draft of the guy who took Murray for wjc.I see both his picks as soft.

  • NateBaldwin

    How to assess trades where one player is always injured? Ryan Whitney is hurt always…Latendreusse is like that. Is he a better asset than a yr or two of B.Pouliet? Good signing by Boston, the team who couldn’t take all the pts from Flyer’s farm team.

    Jets might’ve another pt and Panthers one less, if they would’ve picked up any PP2 forward over the year. Those shootout shots into the boards by both teams…

    I remember a Jets game, Yzerman had two goals two assists, I saw a pretty girl and asked the stranger beside me: “will I marry a girl like that one day?”. He said: “no, you’re a #$%^ing loser”.
    I asked: “can you move so I can walk to the washroom?”. He said: “no, you’re a …”
    I sat there in my own puddle of urine, contemplating the meaning of my life as a Jets fan. He said: “no, you’re a …”
    I did my best to dry my pants with discarded crumbled napkins and keep my mind clear of any thoughts. He still said: “no, you’re a …”
    I left that game perplexed. I moved on with life. Didn’t see another game until they came back. Sure enough, I sat down beside a kid who was eyeing a girl. He said to me: “will I marry a girl like that one day?”. I took some writings out of my pants, pissed myself, and said: “Yes”.

  • Vintage Flame

    Great job as always Alan. Much like many of the comments below, I try to listen live as much as possible down here in Calgary, but when I can’t it’s god to see posted on Sunday.