Speculating the Jets’ trade deadline strategy

If it weren’t for the fact that Kevin Cheveldayoff was hired in the summer when the team moved North from Atlanta, how many people would know the name of the Winnipeg Jets’ rookie general manager? Not many, I presume, and he kept his hand close to his face in the offseason, making very minor moves…

Home Ice Could Save Jets Playoff Hopes.

In late February, the Jets get eight straight games with their "Seventh Man." If the Winnipeg Jets can keep their collective heads about them for the next two weeks, the team’s crazy schedule might be enough to get them into the playoffs. And frankly, "crazy" is the only way to describe what the National Hockey…


Nation Radio – January 28, 2012

    It was all Edmonton all the time on all-star Saturday. Lowetide was visited by Terry Jones, Dennis King, Jim Byers and Corey Graham to talk about everything from the major league Oilers to minor league Oil Kings. This is Nation Radio.


Will the Jets Be Buyers or Sellers?

  Blake Wheeler: Team’s Leading Scorer Needs Help Up Front.  Even if you haven’t watched a Winnipeg Jets game this season, all you need to do is look at the numbers to know what this team needs. At the All-Star break, the Jets are 22nd overall in goals scored at 2.45 per game. The team’s…


He Puzzled And He Puzzed

How many times have you been watching your team carry a lead, only to have the commentators announce that the opposing team has scored most of their goals in a later period? Listen, I get it; the talking heads on TV have to maintain a certain level of suspense. They can’t very well say "It’s…


Is Scott Gomez hockey’s most underrated? (Yes)

    Poor Scott Gomez. From the website which asks the rhetorical question “Did Gomez score” to players naming him the 3rd most overrated player in hockey, it seems like there are a lot of hockey fans, players and media who don’t appreciate his talent.


Everybody Is Angry About the All-Star Snub Except the GM

  Kevin Cheveldayoff and his Jets. There is an all-star replacement in this bunch somewhere. Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff is a cool dude. He was cool when he played for the Brandon Wheat Kings and he was cool when he worked in the American Hockey League. That’s why it wasn’t surprising when he appeared on…


The Broken Record: ‘We Just Couldn’t Score Goals.’

  The Jets fought hard, but they just can’t score goals.   Tuesday night, TSN Jets TV play-by-play man Dennis Beyak said something that few people would try in NHL12: "Thorburn with the one-timer!!!" Sorry, being facetious. I don’t want to rip at Chris Thorburn. He’s not the only guy who can’t score. Fact is,…


When will the Jets production catch up to their performance?

After flirting with a playoff spot midway through December, Winnipeg, with last night’s loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, have now dropped 3 of their last 11 since Claude Noel threw out his 2011 calendar. Obviously, 2011 was a terrific year for hockey in Winnipeg, what with the NHL returning, and a pretty good team playing…


Wheeler: “I Could Have Made Those Saves.’

  A Rare Occurrence This Month: A Jets Goal Celebration. Winnipeg Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff was in the press box in Raleigh, N.C. Monday night. He told Dennis Beyak on TSN Jets TV that he was "evaluating his hockey team." When the game between the Jets and the Carolina Hurricanes was over, Cheveldayoff probably…


Nation Radio – January 21, 2012

    With Edmonton’s post-season hopes once again turning cold, Lowetide’s attention is sensibly turning to the long-term again, with his gaze shifting towards the upcoming draft in June 2012. Futures and the ever depressing Battle of Alberta are the topics du jour. This is Nation Radio.