Don’t look now, Jets within striking distance

Hockey seasons are long. It takes a while for us to be able to tell with certainty what type of team any given club will become. Take the Winnipeg Jets, for instance. You could look at them at the start of the season as a team that had a young corps of players, but without…

Owner Calls It: Pavelec Beats Bruins

  During a news conference before Tuesday night’s game at MTS Centre, Winnipeg Jets owner Mark Chipman was asked if his hockey team could beat the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins. As a child, growing up in Winnipeg, Chipman had been a Bruins fan and admitted that he was thrilled that the Bruins were actually…

Owner Chipman Loves Realignment

  When Winnipeg Jets chairman and governor, Mark Chipman,  walked into the Matt Frost Media Centre deep in the bowels of MTS Centre on Tuesday night, there was only one question worth asking: "Is there any part of this realignment deal you don’t like?" Chipman paused, but not for long. He looked back at his…


NHL Realignment Approved

The NHL announced last night that its Board of Governors were able to come to an agreement on a realignment of the league, one that will abolish the current East/West system and instead create four different conferences.


The Norris Division is back!

So the answer is yes, history does repeat itself. As per the board of governors must have been in a good mood and actually did something that makes sense. No word yet on how many birdie puts were drained today… Jets new division pending Player Association approval will consist of: Detroit, Columbus, Nashville, St….

The Forbes List: Why Is It Never Challenged?

  What I love most about the annual Forbes Magazine “Values of NHL Franchises” list is how the international mainstream media covers it as if it’s legitimate. Because google is my friend, I checked out 30 different international media outlets and found the reporting almost equal at every stop. Not one outlet looked at the…

Nation Network Hockey Pool, December 4th Edition

Martin Brodeur is killing my team, and the teams of a bunch of different entrants. His zero shutouts and 0.879 SV% give him a pool value of -52.5, by far the worst of any current player. Nobody carrying him on their team is in the top-25 this week.

Fehr Trade Value

    It’s a strange and long and winding story for Winkler, Manitoba’s Eric Fehr. The recently much maligned 6’4, 212 lb. winger has hit another rough patch on his road to recovery. Bogged down with shoulder injuries the past few seasons, Fehr has never played more than 69 games in a season – that…



The first NationRadio broadcast of December 2011 is a real Canadian affair. The Oilers, Jets, Flames and Leafs are all given their due with the legendary Lowetide. What about the Canadiens and Senators you ask? Well, we just don’t care about them is all. This is NationRadio.

Jets Hang In: Win Another One-Goal (?) Game

The Winnipeg Jets are starting to get pretty good at this.  For the second straight game, the Jets didn’t do a whole lot offensively, but they did win another one-goal game. OK, OK, it turned out to be a two-goal game because Evander Kane scored an empty-netter from his own blueline in the dying seconds,…

The Defensive Duo

When it comes to doing work in the defensive zone, Winnipeg Jets coach Claude Noel has turned to primarily two players: Tanner Glass and Jim Slater.

One-Goal Games

Are teams that win a lot of one-goal games lucky, or do they have a special ability to win when the chips are down – that characteristic known as “clutch” or “killer instinct?”