Sweet tap dancing Gods of Hockey. Is that the newly signed Captain of the Winnipeg Jets riding a private plane into town wearing a cape and looking like every bit of the man who is going to lead the team back onto the ice after a 15 year hiatus?

Why that is exactly what that is. What a wonderful day.

There are precious few times in life where wrongs can be righted years after the fact. Accidentally punch your brother in the face when you were 8 and broke his glasses? Odds are he is going to carry that grudge to his grave, or at the very least bring it up in front of girlfriends for the next 20 years*

Perhaps you were cut from an athletic team as a youth because you were impossibly small as a 7th grader. Odds are you aren’t about to go back to your junior high school and demand the second opportunity to try out for the Junior Men’s Basketball team all these years and all these inches later.

Even if you made the team, having girls from your school watch you practice is nowhere near as cool as it would have been back in the day. No, that ship has sailed too*

But lo and behold one of the biggest injustices in Canadian sport has been reversed some 15 years later, and the Winnipeg Jets are back on the ice for the 2011-12 NHL season. And don’t even try to bother us with all of your logical rhetoric that the Jets are currently languishing in Phoenix and that the Thrashers are in fact the team returning – not the Jets.

*Stories appear courtesy of the Life of Wanye (2011) 


Are these the real Winnipeg Jets? Let’s take ask a few pertient questions shall we?

Question 1: Do they play in Winnipeg? (Yes/No)

Question 2: Are they called the Jets? (Yes/No)

Question 3: Does the jerseys they wear say Jets on the front? (Yes/No)


The Jets have come home and they are a damn fine team in a few years too if you ask us**

**Which you should


Soon enough the rapturous joy of having the Jets back on the ice will wear off, buried under an under performing powerplay, injury problems or some such thing. Same goes for the out pouring of goodwill from hockey fans around the league.

So long as Winnipeg is playing in the Eastern Conference you have the unparalleled support of the Western Conference fans. We hope you go all the way to the Stanley Cup finals in 2012 – before losing to Edmonton in a sweep where you are outscored by a combined tally of 92-3***

But next year, when you are in the Western Conference and fighting with our beloved Oilers for precious playoff points there will be no love. But in the meantime we have no beef with you Winnipeg.

In fact we are pretty pumped for you cats. As someone who lives in Edmonton and has lived through a year long hockey strike we can only imagine what NHL free Canadian winters must be like year after year after year.

But all that frozen boredom ends in October.

***Story appears courtesy of the Hopes of Wanye (2011)


The interepid battalion of Nation Network writers will be setting up shop here in the next few weeks, introducing you to your new team in the detail that can only come from being REALLY REALLY intense about your ice hockey squadron.

In the meantime however, consider this to be a guest book where everyone can stop by and wish the Winnipeg Jets and their legions of fans all the best. All the temporary best mind you, cause next year we hope you go 0-82 and are robbed of your good players in a series of lopsided trades by the Edmonton Oilers who are looking to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions in the 2012-13 season.


Remember this sad, sad day? Well the next time the Jets play the Wings? It’s gonna be some sweet sweet comeuppance.

Final note: Big ups to Lead Hands McLezy for the inaugual photo on Nice.

  • geoilersgist

    Ah the Jets are back and the Jets nation has been born. I agree a one year grace period on the dirty talking and then BAM! it will be on like donkey kong

  • Dyckster

    As a landed Albertagrant from The Peg and a passionate reader of The Nation, Oilers Style, I HIGHLY encourage all Peggers to bookmark this site.

    Oh, and, Wanye is a bit of a homer cuz he LOVES him some Jordan Eberle. But he can write a kick _ss blog I tells ya. So read his stuff, okay?

  • D'oh-ilers

    Finally! Every Jets blog I’ve come across has huffed more dong than a dong huffing machine (I only assume such a device exists, if not, I need to get a patent post-haste!).

    I know next-to-nothing about my new home-province team. Enlighten me, oh Wanye, with your flying monkeys of Jetness.

  • tho318

    Try as I might, I just cannot hate these cute little Jets. They are going to have to do something really nasty to us before I can scrape together some hatred for them.
    They are just so adorable!
    Look at those little Jets fans, just sitting there, watching the game quietly. Respectful of the other team.
    Did I see that right? Did they actually have some retired numbers up there? And some banners? Awwww.

  • Jamie B.

    Oh, man, I didn’t even notice Ladd was saving a kitten. Or is he holding it up to be hit by lightning in a sacrifice to the hockey gods? Doesn’t matter, BEST PICTURE EVER.

    The Jets back in the league and Ryan Smyth back in Edmonton. Ahhhh, the ’90s.

  • tho318

    I was wondering if this day would ever come…

    The Jets returning to Winnipeg I mean.. although I was starting to think about when the Jets would get a Nation site of their own…

    Great start!

  • One damn fine site there boys. I must say the writing here is stellar. This “Wanye” fellow is quite the pensman.

    Oh and I might as well get this out of the way too. SUCK IT JETS FANS YOU SUCKY SUCKS!

        • Brownlee loves the word meow

          Meow sweet odens raven!
          I figured I needed a signature on the photo…
          And since have a cat beard and mullet.. It seemed to be fitting.
          Oh ya and I really like my kitten. Her name is peaches.

          Glad to see it on the FIST article.
          Wanye is a fine man he is.

          Good to see the site up and running! Hopefully the jets fans start flooding it with FISTS! That is the only way I’ll props anyone on this site.. Unless they talk highly of the oilers.. Or kittens. Those are the only three things I will props. Or if you make fun of soccer!

          That is all.

          Oh ya. Congrats jets fans. Welcome back. You have a year grace period.. Then your the flames as far as I’m concerned. Until then, good luck and enjoy.

        • Ender

          I wondered who the artist might be. Some damn fine work there.

          Go* Jets!

          *For a limited time only; terms and conditions apply. See your local Oilers fan for details.

    • Wax Man Riley

      Is that the fist FIST of JetsNation?

      *gets out pen and writes down “Jeffery Chapman, Fist Fist on JetsNation” in useless trivia book right below “Chrlie Chaplin once won third place in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest” but right above “If you have three quarters, four dimes, and four pennies, you have $1.19. You also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar.”

      Props to you fo sho!

    • None of these ads are real. Molson doesn’t send us a thin dime. They are just up for placeholders sake until we can get our lives sorted out.