Bombers v Lions – You’re my boy blue, you’re my boy…

Yes this is a website dedicated to all things Winnipeg Jets, but the Nation is famous for breaking all the rulz. (see how I tried for street cred with the spelling…that’s for you Wanye!) So on that note we are going to post a GDB in honour of good old our team the mighty Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs the Godless puppy haters from BC.

When the Jets officially landed on May 31, it didn’t take long for people to start questioning the position of the Bombers in the city and how they would be able to fight for any and all available monies that weren’t going to the hockey team. They would no longer own the sports page, pushed to side like a red headed stepchild. (or Travis Lulay) Factor in they were coming off a very tough season and made little to no personal changes with the exception of losing their best pass rusher to the NFL.
But the Bombers did not panic, and certainly did not falter as they road the best defense in the league and created a phenomenon known as Swaggerville. They were also enjoying the last season ever in their old barn before they move into their swanky new stadium next year and become the envy of the CFL. (well maybe not but it sounds great…BC does have a nice facility as does Edmonton but screw them, it’s about us today)
No one could have predicted a worst to first scenario in Winnipeg for the Blue but here we are on November 27th and they are playing for the Grey Cup. The Lions are favored due to the fact that they are playing at home and happen to be the best team in the league since the last time these two teams played. Since then Lulay became the MVP of the league and a resurgent Arland Bruce became the perfect compliment for Geroy Simon as he continues his quest for all the CFL receiving records. To add insult to injury, they discover a kid from Winnipeg named Andrew Harris and he has been money catching balls out of the backfield and has been an effective running back.
Winnipeg has the better defense and has all year. They say that D wins championships so we’ll see if that plays out today. BC has the better offense and probably better special teams. The one factor that Winnipeg does have in their favour is the intangibles. Doug Brown’s last game, the memories of Coach Richard Harris, and Buck Pierce hoping to shove it up the backside of the team that cut him. Those are real things and do mean something in a one game, winner take all scenario.
The X factor for me is running back Chris Garrett. He has been sensational since being added to the roster and could be the difference. If Winnipeg can control the clock with long drives and an effective run game they will take the crowd out of it. If they start to turn on the Lions that could be all she wrote. There is an immense amount of pressure on the home team to win the Grey Cup, which is why most teams don’t get there in the first place, and if they do it isn’t a guarantee that they will win.
IF the corner backs can shut down the big two receivers…
IF the pass rush can get Lulay moving…
IF Jovon Johnson gets a pick and 80-100 return yards…
IF Buck Pierce is upright all game and doesn’t throw picks
IF Chris Garrett gets 100+ total yards
IF Terrence Edwards gets 100 yards
And finally IF they win the turnover battle…
It’s a lot of IF’s but I’ve seen this show before in 1990 and it was fantastic. (Probably one of the greatest games I’ve ever witnessed as a fan)

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  • Be nice for the Jets to get some points and be in position to take deadline run at Teemu. Cam Ward peaked in early 20’s…
    NJ, Mtl, Wash are building monster D’s, hopefully we get swapped for Nashville.

    They are whining about Argos. Offer cheapie seats and broadcast all games and radio everywhere, somehow. Use Mtl’s noise machine and get some transit shuttles and tours going. They play 4 down youth football in Fraser valley and Southern Ontario.
    How BORING!! It is already the fastest most athletic player who is RB, going around or off tackle and hitting the endzone for a touchdown, in the 3 down version. Might as well just play rugby. If they are worried about low scores, give the receivers an extra 1 1/2 yard jump into defensive territory; be even more exciting. Or make passing touchdowns worth an extra point. Or put a mandatory # of defensive players on the line of scrimmage. Since when are Canadian sports conservative? Think about a team split between Red Deer and Saskatoon. In Halifax, their flagships news station doesn’t broadcast the CFL scores. The only public driving range is a distant suburb…

    IDK how BC is favoured by 7. They have a better QB, receivers, home field, Special Teams, coaching. Bombers have better RB, better defense (10 more takeaways and hurt Glenn). BC by 3 1/2 but with the good D and run game the Bombers can control the clock. Reminds me of the 2004 Cup where T.O. was underdog. Normally the dome would favour Lions air attack but watching a Bomber pick in the middle of winter was impressive as was Pierce’s run instincts. 24-20 Bombers. Happy BC lets you watch 3 down practises. Wiener 4 down leagues…make it 5 downs and get a TD every time.

  • I’ll punt if Bombers need. If you can’t master coffin kick, boot it!
    Bad play calling. BC new the play on 5 yd run loss and BC new that fake reverse, had 5 or 6 guys on right side of field. Nice tackling on D. Still like Defense-based team. Not as fragile as 2002 and 2007 team.

  • I like the heart of Boreham and Thorburn, but latter is big minus and no goals while former made their TD easy. Scheifele is lighting up Juniors.
    Some searching out of Bomber WRs going on with BC secondary after play. Humid and smokey there now. That FG would miss on Wpg’s crooked North uprights. Stadium won’t be ready in time…
    Blackhawks are art to watch.

  • Aww, I hate my life. I couldn’t even get an unskilled labourer job from a Bomber who’s been a loser at his career ever since he was a kid. I’ve been an unskilled: flooring + carpet + roofing destaller, floor cleaner, waiter, fish hooker and labourer, car part picker, tile picker, can counter, shrimp + veggie peeler, dishwasher, laundry, textile bagger, berry + veggie picker, centra-vac installer, sod layer, horsehair brick salvager, cement construction, solvent covered junk salvager, canvasser, paperboy, flyerboy, house + office + warehouse demo, stagehand, S/R, metal grinder + trainer, telemarketer, pizza + Chinese driver, courier, forklifter, tile picker, inventory counter, boot sorter, tire labourer, snow shoveller, couch mover, truck unloader, parcel sorter, shingle bundler, treeplanter, restaurant reno, clothes labourer, gas line + storm pipe undigger, foundation digger, metal flashing crimper, insulation installer, lawnmower, ceiling remover, telemarketer, picnic table painter, book parceller, flour loader, tape packer…
    I wanna trade with Lulay (I’m a Lul-ser). He can learn Russian and get a carbon price. I think people place too much emphasis on their careers. I wish we could all live in the mountains at high altitude. That’s where I see myself in five years.

    All I really wanted was for the Bombers to cover the spread. Even though their owner has bled his murderous city dry. My happiest memory in life was 4th quarter ’88. I know the Bombers, unlike NFLers, have medicinal coping mechanisms. Be needed. Lions have a Wpg-ger winter prediction: It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s gonna last you the rest of your life.

  • …gas station attendant and convenience store clerk, shopping centre demo. I haven’t found my niche yet. Don’t worry about further rants. After that game, no one will ever have to worry about me again ever.

  • …car wash cleaner, telemarketer. I guess if you are not happy, if you are not the Lions, you have that anticipation and fantasy of what it means to be happy? Even if you are happy, it is bittersweet because you know it will end. You could have the Cup without memory or awareness of time, but then you wouldn’t have the empowerment of knowledge, which lets you use your imagination to escape; to imagine you’ll win forever, but then you’d be delusional. The only way to be happy is to be delusional. The Bombers will win one day!!!

  • Ultimately mortality and the end of the universe are the same, and the best we can hope for is to start off being knowledgeable and aware, and then to go insanely delusional in a happy way. But knowledge is built over time and happiness comes at youth without responisibility. We are living our lives backwards everyone!!

  • Lumber-yard and garbage steel cutter. Nietzsche says there are two types of suffering. Awareness of what you had. And creativity to imagine a better state you’ve never had. The Bombers haven’t won in 22 years. The second longest streak is 13, Hamilton. We’re better than defunct Shreveport and Ottawa Franchises. The Bombers have both types of suffering. Is impossible but they do.