Impossibly, the 2011-12 NHL Season is rapidly closing in on the quarter mark already. Where does the time go?

Lowetide talks with his usual wide assortment of guests his week and the Blackhawks get some time in the hot seat as Jesse Rogers from ESPN Chicago and Sam from Second City Hockey talk about their home team only hours before they got an all world beat down by the Oilers.

Har har har.

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This is NationRadio. 

 Segment 1 

Jonathan Willis leads off the show talking about the Mighty Edmonton Oilers hockey squad. Topics of discussion include the unending stream of injuries to the team and potential line combinations with the remaining players. The conversation then turns to a Mr. Ales Hemsky and a preview of Willis’ upcoming articles on the Nation Network.

Segment 2 

Sam pops by from the popular BlackHawks blog Second City Hockey to talk about the Hawks strong start to the season. Had Lowetide known that they were merely hours away from being crushed by the Oilers, we can’t help but think that the conversastion would have gone in a different direction.

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Segment 3 

Trevor Maughan makes his inaugural appearance on NationRadio this week giving us his thoughts on the return of NHL hockey to Winnipeg. He also looks at the goaltending situation, the powerplay and the biggest surprise player thus far.

Segment 4 

Lowetide’s rolls out his infamous player grades to this point in the season for the Oilers. As a sure fire finalist for the Calder Trophy – does the Nuge get a passing grade? Only listening in will tell you the truth!* 

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Segment 5 

The Chicago Blackhaws get further analysis on NationRadio as Jesse Rogers from ESPN Chicago swings by to talk with NationRadio. He and Lowetide discuss the concept of a ‘Stanley Cup Hangover’ and the start to the 2011-12 season for the Hawks.

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Segment 6 

JP Nikota from LeafsNation and the Pension Plan Puppets ends this week’s show talking about the strong start to the season out in Toronto. The two gentlemen also discuss Leafs goaltending and debate the merits of trading Luke Schenn.

Full Podcast 

*Or a functioning brain stem