Mark Stuart: Player-Hitting, Shot-Blocking Machine

Judging by the reaction to Gary Lawless’ column in the Winnipeg Free Press, Jets fans really like defenseman Mark Stuart. He’s something of a throwback defender; he plays a physical game, blocks a lot of shots, and contributes minimally in the offensive zone.


Eastern Conference Bubble Update

At the outset of the season, there wasn’t a pundit or hockey writer around who suggested that the Toronto Maple Leafs or Winnipeg Jets were surefire Eastern Conference playoff favourites. Toronto was lumped in as a bubble team while Winnipeg was sort of on the fence between a bubble team and a lottery team, partly…


Six thoughts 10/24/11 Jets 1-2 Rangers

The Winnipeg Jets coming off an impressive win at home where they finally broke through offensively out-shot, out-chanced and out-everythinged the New York Rangers Monday night but couldn’t seem to keep the scoring going. They fell 2-1. This guy beat the Jets? Really? -When you outshoot your opponent 28-17, and 24-13 at even strength, usually…