Home Opener Hangover



It is now well known that the Winnipeg Jets do not like home openers.

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After losing the second one they were a part of this season Saturday night, they no longer have to be involved in one until next year.

A fact the Phoenix Coyotes can’t really say for sure they will be a part of in Glendale next year.

But the 0-3 Jets haven’t shown much in the category of awe and wonder when it comes to play on the ice.

In three games, the Jets have had one lead, which was quickly erased by a very experienced and smart Chicago Blackhawks team.

They were already down 34 seconds in Phoenix, which took a shorter time to trail than it did when the Montreal Canadiens were in town.

Fact of the matter is – three decent teams, three losses.

With 79 games to go, all that we shouldn’t hear is how panicked every Jets fan is because this team has much to learn.

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They just moved cities this summer, ableit very quickly and there are some adjustments they must adapt to accordingly.

Monday night brings about another challenge in the Pittsburgh Penguins – another good team, though they are without captain Sidney Crosby.

If the Jets are to contend this season at all, these are the teams they need to get ahead on and be able to finish when the game matters the most.

They couldn’t do it in Chicago, maybe a little home cooking will help the Jets realize they have the entire city of hockey-rabid Winnipeg fans behind them.

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