Jets Sign Scheifele



News on twitter from various quarters this morning is the Jets have signed first rounder Mark Scheifele to an entry level contract. It’s pretty standard procedure for new prospects to get inked relatively quickly, but the timing suggests the youngster may have convinced the club to keep him around rather than send him back to junior.


Although there have been some well founded concerns this offseason about the choice of Scheifele at 7th overall, the kid has managed to put some of them to bed with his impressive showing during the Jets pre-season. Frequently one of the more dangerous offensive players on the ice for Winnipeg depsite his youth and average skating, Scheifele displayed the hands and hockey sense that allowed him to score 22-goals and 75-points for the Barrie Colts last year.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Scheifele is in Winnipeg to stay. The new contract means the club can choose to audition the rookie for a nine-game windown before sending him back to junior without starting the clock on his entry-level contract. That would be the prudent move by the organization since most teens struggle to keep their heads above water once the puck drops for real. Unless Winnipeg is convinced Scheifele is this seasons Jeff Skinner and is going to garner 60+ points in the club’s top-six rotation, then junior is probably the more apt destination for him at this time.


  • Robert Cleave

    I called a salary between 1.6 and 1.7M last Wednesday , so I’m not surprised in the slightest that a deal was completed this morning. The team wants to look at him for at least 9 games to see what they really have, and even if he gets sent down after that audition, he’ll pocket about 200k in salary and bonuses. Win-win, I’d say.

  • MC Hockey

    Great to hear. Teams need to get playing value from players while they are relatively young and cheap so hope they keep him up with the Jets. As a born-and-raised Winnipegger now in Calgary, I know that the stigma attached to playing in a “cold” city (see Oilers, Edmonton) is still there for some players so developing and using your draft choices is wise.

  • Great post. To say that I am surprised with Scheifle to date would be something of an understatement. I nearly broke my computer when I heard his name called and Couterier still on the board (not mention Hamilton and Murphy) Still, I wonder if he might turn into a player. His speed is average and that was by preseason standards, but he always seemed to be near the action and his point total was surprise.

    Question, do you guys track how the other top 10 guys have done this preseason. I know that Nugent-Hopkins gets a lot of press, but what about the other top guys? Just curious.