You can tell that the new NHL season approacheth at full speed. The days are getting colder and wives of hockey fans everywhere are starting to eye the calendar nervously knowing that their attentive summer husband is about to be replaced with a distracted fall model who is glued to the TV and computer and regularly mistakes his children for one another.

Here at NationRadio the talk shifts from Oilers Prospects playing in a myriad of junior leagues and oilers prospects playing at the Rookie Camp.

Its NationRadio. Enjoy!

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Segment 1 

James Mirtle from the Globe and Mail  joins the program this week to discuss the respective rebuilding efforts of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Edmonton Oilers. The ongoing Drew Doughty contract is also pondered.

Segment 2 

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Jason Gregor of the aptly named Jason Gregor Show reports in from Oilers Training Camp with a Day One review of things.

Segment 3 

Lowetide takes a look at Oilers prospects of note this season and gives 12 solid reasons you should be at the Joey Moss Cup.

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Segment 4 

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Speeds from the Hockey Symposium takes a look at the Oilers Blue line going into the 2011-12 NHL season. He ponders the potential scoring lines the Oil could ice, and begins what will be 1 of 1,000,000,000 eventual pieces on what it will eventually take to sign Taylor Hall long term.

Segment 5 

The Editor of the Nation Network Kent Wilson takes a look at the 2011-12 Calgary Flames and then turns his unwavering eye to Kyle Turris and Jay Feaster.

Segment 6 

Lowetide projects into the future of the RNH this season and beyond.

Full Podcast 

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      “working hard at increasing his life span . . . by cultivating boredom”

      You should read that book, you’d like it.

      Wait… you can read right?*

      *This message has been dictated orally but not read.

  • LT/Speeds,

    Signing Hemsky long term isn’t a good idea. He’ll probably get around $5million or more July 1st, and that sets a market for Taylor Hall moving forward.

    If Hemsky’s making $5million or more and Hall has a breakout season(which we hope he does) then the Oilers will be looking at $6-7 million to ink Hall long term.

    Signing Eberle will be the key to getting Hall to stay long term. (IMO)

    • If Hall breaks out, the Oilers will be looking at 6 or 7 mil anyways, I’m not sure how much Hemsky necessarily factors into that.

      Tavares had a 30 goal, 65 point season in his second year and just got a 5.5 mil per year contract. Kane got 6.5 coming off two 70 point seasons, midway through his big statistical season and Stamkos got 7.5 coming off two 90+ point seasons, although he signed a year later than Tavares and half a year later than Kane.

  • EasyOil

    I dont know if any of you guys are into rugby, but currently watching canada beating france… Awesome! I’m english and my girlfriend is irish so rugby is like religion for us, plus you guys would have to get up at an awful hour to watch it, but you really should if you have the chance!

  • The Oilers are in a pretty good cap situation, I’m not sure that signing Hemsky would necessarily cost them anyone else.

    The Oilers are currently 7 mil under the cap, and have nearly 3 mil in dead cap space via Souray and Nilsson.

    IF they could get Hemsky at 5 mil (we’ll see), it’s really only an incremental 1 mil over his current cap hit. Hall and Smyth have a combined 10 mil cap hit right now, even with an expected raise for Hall that cap increase will probably be somewhat balanced by Smyth’s (or his replacement) reduced cap hit.

  • Lowetide

    I can’t really see Hemsky ever being used as a comparable for the younger set, unless it’s “well Ales is making 6MIL and no one makes more” kind of way but that’s ridiculous on the face of it.

    Taylor Hall is going to be the outer marker, maybe RNH if he exceeds him. Hemsky is another matter.