Jets to finish 13th?



The Hockey news recently unveiled the latest in their on-going series of regular season predictions. Today the 13th place position was posted and the Winnipeg Jets are the “lucky” recipients of that number. You can find the article here.

I believe this as about right. The Jets have a few negatives to deal with this season. They are in a very tough division that improved this off-season, they have an ugly travel schedule, and their top two lines may not be the best in the division. On the plus side they have very good goaltending, one of the deepest core of defensemen in the league, and the intangible of playing in front of an audience that can only be assumed will be a near religious experience.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see them get off to a great start similar to last season and then fall back to earth a bit. No one wants to see their team lose, but it may not matter this season. It will take a while for the focus to change from "can you believe they are back" to the actual on ice performance. Another high draft pick wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for this team moving forward.


  • MC Hockey

    Hey Dean, Not sure the 13th rank is right and probably true it matters little to fans in year 1. The Jets playing in the East for a year gives them a chance to beat out a number of weak teams if the goaltending shines, offense plays to potential, and the defense can play 2 ways (not just offense as per first-half Byfuglien last year). I think Buffalo might be a disaster with the overpaid changes and the unwise addition of slowing Regehr and drop way down, while Florida, Tornoto, NY Islanders, Ottawa are likely to continue their mediocrity and even get worse, putting Jets in 10th.

  • RexLibris

    My personal hope, albeit as an Oilers fan, is for the Jets to finish in the bottom five and either win the lottery or have a blue-chip forward prospect fall to them. With their defensive prospects (I’m including Scheifele in that because he is considered a 2-way centre and defensively responsible) their most glaring draft need is for a full-on offensive producer.

    I’ve placed the Jets ahead of the Flames in terms of their positioning as a franchise in part due to the management’s realization that they are in need of a rebuild. The patience that I think the ownership group has shown should extend down to the management structure and within a few years I expect to see the four rebuilding Canadian teams battling for playoff positioning. An Oilers/Jets rivalry on one coast with a renewed Leafs/Sens one on the other. If it works out it could be very entertaining. Unless you’re a Flames fan.