This week on NationRadio we have Dustin Nielson of Team 1260, Nation Network Scribe Cam Charron, Pat McLean from the awesome blog Black Dog Hates Skunks, Bob Ridley from the Medicine Hat Tigers and the recent RNH media scrum from World Juniors.


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Segment 1 

Dustin Nielson – Host of Nielson & Chase Show tells us about the new show on Team 1260 “Inside Hockey.” He also discusses the World Junior Prospect Camp including the goaltending outlook for the team, RNH and Dillon Simpson.

Segment 2 

Cam Charron a new and already treasured Voice of the Nation stops by to discuss the importance of faceoffs in today’s game among advanced statistic talk.

Segment 3 

The blogging institution that is Pat McLean from the legendary blog Black Dog Hates Skunks engages Lowetide in some blog talk and discusses Oilers Drafts through the ages.

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Segment 4 

Bob Ridley – Play by Play man for the Medicine Hat Tigers – weighs in on Oilers Goaltending prospect Tyler Bunz as well as the possibility of a new arena in Medicine Hat.

Segment 5 

A pre-recroded interview with Oklahoma City Barons Head Coach Todd Nelson. The Coach discusses various Oilers prospects, the concept of "too much depth" and provides an ECHL update.

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Segment 6 

A replay of the considerable media scrum surrounding the RNH at World Junior Camp.

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Full Podcast 


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