You may be shocked to learn this, but since the departure of bingofuel there has been very little in the way of adult supervision around Nation Central Command.  The writers continue to write, the radio continues to radio and thankfully the advertisers continue to pay their bills.

But your ol’ pal Wanye can’t very well be counted on to be “on the ball” or “awake prior to noon.” It just doesn’t work that way. We are far too concerned about Angry Birds RIO HD releasing the next 2 levels or the fact that HMV hasn’t carried any of Gucci Mane’s last three mixtapes to be any sort of help on a regular basis.

And this was starting to be a problem – until the heroic Kent Wilson stepped up to the plate. Under his watchful eye, FlamesNation has grown 16 fold in 16 months and CanucksArmy has been upgraded from “dead” to “very much alive.” TheLeafsNation has seen traction from the start and continues to grow and recently JetsNation had the highest launch of any of the Nation Network sites.

This ain’t your ol’ pal Wanye doing much of much. This is all Kent Wilson being everywhere all at once – and getting it done 24/7.

And getting it done is the name of the game going into this 2011-12 season. There are grand plans for the Nation Network if we can ever get our act together.  GRAND plans indeed. We are in 5 Canadian Cities now and are redeveloping for the second time in the past year. The radio show is going to hopefully grow and we have a secret plan being developed in the most underground part of Laboratory Complex C that will take years to come to light if it is even possible in the first place.

There are many miles to go before we can sell out, mail it in and put the glory years of the network in the rear view mirror as it turns into a forum for the hardcore fans of the Klingon Chess Association.



Yes, there are still a great many things to be done on the Nation Network business plan.

Currently this plan is merely the word “KILL” written in lipstick on a napkin and stapled to the wall over the computer in Wanye Manor. But with the addition of Kent Wilson as the editor of the Nation Network, we will now have the brain power and chemical engineering needed to turn this napkin into a proper plan and then turn that plan into something being killed.


To capture the historic rise to power of the Editor of the Nation Network we emailed our new boss a couple of respectfully worded questions.

Wanye: Lay your biography out for those of us who are unfamiliar with your gunslingery please Sir.

Kent: I began writing about the Flames at the start of the 2005 season, mostly as a hobby. I wrote about 1,000 articles between 2005 and 2010 at my home site of fivehole fanatics. I eventually began picking up freelance work as well, including a couple of years at providing fantasy analysis as well as Hockey’s Future covering the Flames prospects.

In 2009, I was approached by Sports Blog Nation to establish and manage their Flames site, Matchsticks and Gasoline. A year or so down the road, our own irrepressible Wanye managed to convince me to leave the site I had so carefully built for SBN to take over Flamesnation. He plied me with wine, women and psychedelic mind-control agents. He also threatened to decapitate my prize race horse. Offers that couldn’t be refused, clearly.

I’ve been annoying my co-bloggers and angering Flames fans at FN ever since.

I also currently contribute to both Hockey and The Score blog "Houses of the Hockey", but the Nations is my true home.

Wanye: How does it feel to be in control of the Nation Network after your bloodless coup?

A bit like herding cats. In the dark. And some of the cats don’t care for me very much.

Wanye: What are the plans of the new regime?

To grow things rapidly and aggressively. Think Genghis Kahn.  Also, to give the same sort opportunities to aspiring writers that have been afforded me through the Nations. Finally, in the far-flung future, I would like to grasp total power over the company by leading a bloody insurrection over the current ownersh…err wait. You should probably ignore that last one.

There you have it. All Hail the new overlord.