Jets Set to Move to the Central Division



Because making a decision and taking action is a slow-motion affair in the league’s front offices, the Jets will be competing on the balmy shores of the league’s SE division this coming year. However, according to TSN, it looks like the long-term destination for Winnipeg will be the Central division. Which is kind of bad news.

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Nostalgia and senitment favored a move back to the NW with the Flames and Oilers, perhaps bumping the Canucks to the Pacific. That re-alingment would have been the best for the Jets competitive purposes as well, since the new-look division would have been the weakest in the league absent the Canucks. Playing the Oil, Avalanche and Wild multiple times a season can’t hurt the ol’ playoff chances. And the Flames are one or two retirements away from falling off a cliff themselves.

Instead, it seems the Jets will share a division with Chicago, Columbus, Dallas and Nashville (with the Red Wings finally moving back to the East), which is a much tougher row to hoe even with Detroit departing. The Blackhawks will no doubt continue to be a heavy hitter in the league, particularly as they extricate themselves for Tallon’s post-cup cap crunch. The Columbus Blue Jackets are a middling squad whose efforts have been hampered by having to battle the likes of DET and CHI multiple times every year. The addition of Jeff Carter this season probably makes them more of concern going forward. Nashville is never great, but certainly never bad under the steady guidance of David Poile and Barry Trotz. The Dallas Stars is probably the weakest club of the lot, although they might take a step or two forward if they can ever figure out their ownership issues.

The central won’t be the toughest division in the league from the looks of things right now, but there’s no question the NW would have been preferable for Jets fans. Perhaps anything is better than the playing in the SE though, which will no doubt feature a pretty demanding travel schedule. 

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  • jbeach403

    Even after hours and hours of travel to play their divisional rivals this winter, I’m guessing more than a few Jets will be asking the pilot to circle in the air a few times before landing in the ‘Peg…

  • Robert Cleave

    Sounds like the league is actually going for that 4 division deal, since Leopold mentioned that the Wild would be part of that Central Division as well. Minny, Winnipeg, Chicago, Columbus, Nashville, Dallas and St. Louis would make 7 in the central, and the remaining NW and Pacific teams would make an 8 team Pacific division. Detroit to the East balances Atlanta moving to Winnipeg. Of course, once the Coyotes give up the ghost, things could change again.

    • jbeach403

      The Phoenix situation is interesting- the top to candidates at the moment for relocation have to be KC and QC. As Canadian hockey fans, I’m sure most of you guys would like to see Quebec get their team back before Kansas, but Kansas has an ownership group and an NHL ready arena. If they go to KC, it wont change the scene in Roberts post to much as they’d in all likelihood be in the west, but if they go to Quebec, how pissed of will Detroit be?

  • With the talk that the league will be split in 4 divisions instead of 6 makes this work. The main positive from it is that there will be a greater chance for playoff series against the Canucks and Jets for the Oilers/Flames. Of course, not seeing them as much in the regular season is a little lame but there’s NOTHING like a playoff battle!

  • Or there was talk of the 4 divisions instead of 6

    Would you go West

    San Jose

    St Louis


    Tampa Bay
    New Jersey

    New York R
    New York I

  • The American and National Leagues have 14 and 16 teams respectively. To account for travel, why doesn’t the league have a 14-team Western Conference? The Eastern teams get an easy end of the stick being so clustered together, so their “punishment” should be to compete against an extra team.

    Also, they have too many teams in the East. There is no reason Detroit or Columbus should have to travel West all the time.

    The other thing would be to account for rivalries when building divisions. This is what the NFL has done to such success. The divisions make a lick of sense geographically, but they have Dallas in their ‘East’ division due to an old-time rivalry with New York. Cincinnati is further south than Indianapolis, but play in the North division against Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

  • jbeach403

    Id love to see a 32 team league like the NFL. Those divisional rivalry games are always great.

    If you get Quebec a team again, you could have two Canadian divisions where you could have up to 40% of your season games without having to leave the country.

    8 games within the division. (24)
    3 games within the conference (36)

    2 games within one division in the other conference (8)

    Which leaves 14 games for the remaining 12 teams

  • positivebrontefan

    Why is Dallas also moving divisions? Does St. Louis to to the NW and Vancouver to the Pacific? I’m not sure how credible this info is based on pure insanity… Although we ARE talking about the NHL here, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised with insane decisions.

  • positivebrontefan

    Welcome Jetsnation!

    You are very lucky to have Buff on your team. With the leadership of he & Ladd, I can imagine their experience in the central division with the hawks will pay dividends.

    Good luck and thanks for the 2 points!!

  • #94 sized hole where my heart used to be...

    does anyone else feel like it’d be weird seeing the Detroit red Wings in the east after so many years of dominating the western conference?