Friday Five-Hole: Fake News Special Edition

Rhys Finnick
November 01 2013 12:44PM

A pile of pucks.

This weekly column looks to discuss a certain number of relevant Jets topics on a certain day of the week. That certain number? Five. That day of the week? Friday. Also, hole. This is the Friday Five-Hole.

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Game 14 @ St. Louis: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 01 2013 11:55AM

As I settled in on Thursday night to watch this game, I was preparing for the worst. After all the negative attention, all the hate on Toby Enstrom and the overall negative demeanor that resulted from the loss I was expecting to watch the Jets get completely out-manned and over powered for a couple hours. Maybe it was the low expectations, but I really didn’t think they played that poorly, and the scoring chance count supports that notion.

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Jets All-Moustache Team

Brett Martin
November 01 2013 02:01AM

It's that time of year again, when moustaches decorate the mid-face of more than just hipsters and ex-Mounties.  

In honour of Movember, we look back at the greatest moustaches in team history.

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Game 14 @ St. Louis: Pavelec and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 01 2013 01:11AM

Might be a little later than usual but hey, life gets in the way sometimes. Think of it as a metaphor for all the times a late goal is going to cost the Jets. Too soon?

Regardless, here are the zone entries and my review of Pavelec for Tuesday’s game in St. Louis.

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The Ghost of Dale Hawerchuk

Ross Smith
October 31 2013 02:45PM

Ross Smith has written Winnipeg a Hallowe'en Poem. Please enjoy and stay safe tonight, Jets fans.

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