How founded are Trouba's complaints on usage?

Garret Hohl
September 26 2016 11:59AM

Through his agent, Kevin Overhardt, Jacob Trouba sent out a press release updating his status with the Winnipeg Jets. This release essentially stated that the primary reason for Trouba wishing to be traded was due to him wanting to play top-four as a right-side defender. It stressed that this request was revolving development over financials.

Ignoring whether or not this release should be taken at face value, how justified is Trouba that his deployment was suboptimal and how much of an impact did that have on him and the team?

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For the love of hockey, here's hoping Team Europe makes it interesting

Jeff Veillette
September 26 2016 09:38AM

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY SPORTS

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a best-of-three series to decide which of Team Canada or Team Europe will take the 2016 Wolrd Cup of Hockey's trophy home to their country or continent. As it stands, the Canadians are the overwhelming favourites, having not lost a meaningful best-on-best game since the round robins of the 2010 Olympics and already having beaten Europe 4-1 earlier in this tournament.

Certainly, there's a natural instinct to cheer for the country that most of us call home. But wouldn't it be great if their opponents made it interesting, if not fully upset the host nation?

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Time For Jets To Give Morrissey A Chance

Jeremy Wiebe
September 26 2016 09:00AM

By now, everyone knows that Jacob Trouba has made it known that he has asked the Winnipeg Jets to trade him to another organization. If Trouba's request is granted, it will leave a hole on the Jets blueline pending on what the Jets get in return if a transaction takes place. Whatever your opinion is on Trouba's request, there is no denying that 2012 first round draft pick is very talented who is about to hit the prime of his career.

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Canada advances to final with commanding victory over Russia

Jeff Veillette
September 24 2016 11:09PM

Photo Credit: Kevin Souza/USA TODAY SPORTS

Canada vs. Russia on a Saturday night. Can anything top that? Well, one could argue that a lot of things could in 2016. While the two giants comprised what used to be hockey's greatest international rivalry, today's game didn't carry that vibe. In fact, it didn't really carry much of a vibe; while the lead had a changeover that gave the illusion of competitiveness, Canada maintained a staggeringly lopsided level of control in a 5-3 win that felt even bigger.

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Jacob Trouba Refuses to Come to Training Camp Unsigned, Requests Trade

Sammi Silber
September 24 2016 06:13PM

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba has requested a trade from the organization and will not be attending training camp, as per multiple reports.

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