Are you the Greatest Jets Fan?

Dean Belanger
August 10 2011 07:33AM



Frantic Films is looking for people to appear in an upcoming documentary about the return of the Winnipeg Jets. The focus in on inter-generational stories and they are currently casting for the upcoming project. He is the official press release:

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Jason Gregor
August 09 2011 01:11AM

Guns N' Roses released their first album, Appetite for Destruction, on July 21, 1987. It contained one of the greatest dressing room/warm up songs you've ever heard, Welcome To The Jungle. Since 1988, many teams have psyched themselves up listening to Axl and the Boys, but one player actually used the "Jungle" as a springboard to an NHL career.

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Will Mark Scheifele head west this year?

Dean Belanger
August 08 2011 06:25PM


 (Please welcome new Jets nation author Dean Belanger. Dean's first article here at JN looks at Mark Scheifele's chances of making Canada's WJC roster).

It may already be a forgone conclusion that Mark Scheifele will not be a member of the inaugural Jets lineup when they return to the NHL this fall. The reasons are numerous; is he ready, the depth chart, what’s better for his development, etc. A quick peek at the depth chart and it’s easy to see that Nik Antropov, Bryan Little, and Alexander Burmistrov are ahead of him as far as the scoring lines are concerned. One of Antropov or Little will probably end up on the wing, but that still only leaves the bottom half of the roster open. Most coaches want to employ a checking line and an energy line and it’s quite clear to me that Scheifele fills neither role properly. Tim Stapelton, Ben Maxwell, and Jim Slater (if healthy) are more likely to take those minutes.

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Q&A with Brent Sopel

Kent Wilson
August 08 2011 09:57AM



(Andrey Osadchenko recently caught up with Brent Sopel. Here he talks to him about growing up on the prairies, playing for the Canucks winning the cup and signing in the KHL).

By: Andrey Osadchenko

- You were born in Calgary. What was it like growing up out there?

I was born in Calgary, indeed. But I lived there only for a couple years and moved to the prairies – to Saskatoon. That’s where I learned that I wanted to play hockey.

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Winnipeg and a Destination of Choice

Kent Wilson
August 07 2011 08:32PM


Recently Bob McCowan of Prime Time Sports stated he knows of at least three players who want out of Winnipeg. Whether the statement is true or not, it raises the spectre of a concern that could prove to be very real one for Jets fans and management: that NHL players won't want to play there.

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