Between a rock and a playoff spot

Dean Belanger
February 25 2012 10:28AM



So lets be honest about this. Did ANYONE expect to wake up on February 25th and find the Jets in first place in their division? If you were one of those folks then congrats to the eternal optimist in you. I for one never expected a nosedive like the one Washington has performed but here we are. So now what does GM Kevin Cheveldayoff do Monday?

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Statement Game

Mitch Calvert
February 24 2012 09:19AM


What a difference a week makes.

All but left for dead after a home-ice loss to the New York Islanders on Valentine's Day, the Jets have rattled off four wins in five games--and collected nine of a possible 10 points--and now find themselves atop the Southeast Division standings through 63 games.

The Jets looked like a team on a mission last night, dominating the Lightning for 55 minutes before giving up some late goals in garbage time en route to a 4-3 win.

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The Pavelec Perplexity

Cam Charron
February 23 2012 01:59PM



I don't necessarily have a bone to pick with Ondrej Pavelec, because at the start of the season if you told me that the Winnipeg Jets were going to make the playoffs, I would have told you that it would be "thanks to" and not "in spite of" the young Jets goaltender.

Pavelec has played some amazing hockey games this season, however, he's also put up some stinkers. Remarkably inconsistent, but terrifyingly fun to watch when he's at his best, Pavelec is the kind of goalie who could win you a playoff series as an underdog.

However I think that people tend to get carried away with some saves that he's made. Specifically, this one against Philadelphia:

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Division Lead In Sight, But Not So Fast

Matt Eichel
February 21 2012 07:42AM



Winnipeg Jets fans are in the midst of something that has happened to the majority of Canadian NHL teams in the past 20 years - they're in the middle of a playoff run that has as much possibility of the team making the playoffs as it does them not making the post season.

Having covered and watched the Montreal Canadiens before the return of the Jets, I know very well how playoff runs that come down to the wire can go - sometimes great as when the Canadiens finished sixth last season and sometimes not so great as when the Canadiens were bounced out of the playoffs with a loss to rival Toronto in their last game of the season in 2006-07.

As any hockey fan of any team that lives on the periphery of the playoff picture year in and year out - excluding Detroit for the last 20 years, Vancouver the last 10 years, and Pittsburgh the last five years - it is nerve wracking to even watch a single game because so much hangs in the balance.

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Nation Radio - February 18, 2012

February 19 2012 01:34PM



Playoffs are a distant hope for the third straight season in Edmonton this year. The focus now shifts to the pending trade deadline, the kids and, eventually, the draft. This week Allan visits with California hockey fan and writer Earl Sleek, welcomes various voices familiar with both pro and amateur Edmonton prospects and shares some reader/listener thoughts on the rapidly approaching deadline.

This is Nation Radio.

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