Nation Playoff Pool Update

April 23 2014 12:43PM


The playoffs are a week in and here's your first playoff pool update. If you didn't enter, shame on you. If you did sign up, it's time to brag about how smart you are.  Unless, of course, your pool looks like mine where I go out and pick players that have completely fallen off the face of the earth.  I'm looking at you Nyquist. *shakes fist*

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Jets Forward Usage: Year in Review

Kevin McCartney
April 21 2014 01:00PM

Jets home bench_Noel and Pearn

As we move into the off-season, questions about personnel abound. Who should come back? Who should be traded? 

These basic questions hinge on who is driving the play of the Jets, and it may not be who we expect. Inside we'll look at how the coaches used the Jets' forwards and how they managed under the circumstances.

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 28 & 28.5: Crotch Grabs & Grades

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 21 2014 07:56AM


On this week's two-part episode, we discuss Seabrooks' hit on Backes, crotch grabs and Chevy's press conference.  All that, plus the guys grade each of the Jets players, the coaching staff and GM on their performances this season.

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Goaltender Performance: Year In Review

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 20 2014 09:26PM


Photo via Twitter

As many of you are aware, at the start of this season I set out to answer a few questions in regards to Ondrej Pavelec. Despite what numbers were saying many out there were indoctrinated into the belief that it was the team in front of him, not his play that hampered his performance and results.  I wanted to know, was it the play in front of him?  Or was it his personal tendencies and shortcomings that were holding him back?  How did he compare to Al Montoya behind him? So throughout the season I have tracked every goal scored on either Ondrej Pavelec or Al Montoya to find some answers. 

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Pessimist Corner: The Paul Maurice Extension

Kevin McCartney
April 19 2014 07:23PM

Young Maurice

News came down a couple days ago that formerly interim Head Coach Paul Maurice had been extended four years. He took over a team with a 19-23-5 record, so perhaps appropriately escaped blame for a last place finish in the Central Division and fewer wins than the much maligned Maple Leafs. 

It was a heck of a start for Paul Maurice, in fact. Not only did the team immediately look more competitive on the ice, hope for less of the same spread through the fan base. A 9-3-1 record before the Olympic break was complimented by a lifted suspension for Ivan Telegin and rumblings that Burmistrov may not be a lost asset after all. The players seemed happier and his even his verbal was good - identifying the Jets as a young, fast, big team capable of winning in the Western Conference.

Then it all fell apart. A 9-9-4 record after the break was punctuated by tension with Evander Kane, questionable lineup choices, and some of the hands-in-the-air frustration we saw under Claude Noel. 

The pressing question is why it fell apart, and with that, whether Paul Maurice is an upgrade behind the bench. What can we expect from the Jets' second ever tactics magnate?

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