The Roundup

Nation World HQ
May 29 2015 06:45AM


David Booth's interesting stretch routine, Mike Babcock's assistants, Canucks wanting to fix blueline, David Clarkson versus Matt Beleskey, Flames trade targets, teams in Cap trouble, Leon Draisaitl, Peter Chiarelli, free agency, the NHL draft and more in this week's Roundup brought to you by Draftkings.

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Hockey Graphs Podcast Episode 18 - Austrian Death Machine

Rhys Jessop
May 28 2015 07:03PM

Hockey Graphs Podcast 2

On this week's episode, Rhys and Garret break down everything you've ever wanted to know about Josh and MoneyPuck's Prospect Cohort Success model, which was unveiled on Tuesday. We look at PCS's strengths and weaknesses and outline where we can go from here in the realm of prospect analysis. Join us after the jump!

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Meet Your Manitoba Moose, Part Four: Jan Kostalek

Jeremy Wiebe
May 28 2015 04:33PM

This five-part series will focus on the players that will don the Manitoba Moose jersey in 2015-16. While these players may see time with the Winnipeg Jets next season, they will likely make up the core of the farm team that will be heading to the Manitoba capital. Part four features Jan Kostalek.

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Winnipeg Jets By The Numbers: Mathieu Perreault 2014-2015

Garret Hohl
May 28 2015 07:58AM

The season has been laid to rest.

Fans have completed their lamenting of the Anaheim Ducks sweeping the Winnipeg Jets. The healing process has begun.

But, before full closure can be completed, an autopsy of the Jets season must be initiated.

We turn our evidence-based breakdown of the Jets #fancystats sensation, Mathieu Perreault.

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Looking at the Winnipeg Jets first round picks using PCS

Garret Hohl
May 27 2015 02:15PM

If you have not heard, myself and three Nations Network compatriots (Josh Weissbock, Moneypuck, and Rhys Jessop in alpha order) have been working on improving draft analytics.

The project has been going on for well over a year now and is still in progress; however, we have started to release where we are at currently with Prospect Cohort Success (PCS).

Weissbock released an introduction to PCS percentage and PCS points per game to the masses. Essentially it looks at the closest comparable players in age, height, and scoring for the same league and then calculates what percentage of those cohorts made the NHL for 200 or more games played, as well as the cohorts combined points per game.

PCS can be used to look at potential draft selections, but also to look at player development.

Let's take a look at PCS for the Winnipeg Jets first round picks.

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