Coach, What's the Deal?

Matt Eichel
October 21 2013 05:04AM



If the 2013-14 NHL Awards would come out today with its nominees for Most Inconsistent Act in the NHL thus far, the Winnipeg Jets would be a close lock to win it (here I'd like to plug the referees inconsistency on penalty calling, but I think I speak for about 99.9% of fans who watch hockey - everyone complains about reffing, thus a moot point).

And as I sit drinking my morning coffee ready for another day of work, I know for certain that I will be putting in at least a 100-110% better effort that those who don blue every gameday to play hockey and make millions, while I am about two zeros of a paycheck off what they make.

So what's the difference?

Maybe ask the coach: Hey Coach, what's the deal?

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Jets Post-Game 9: Luck Schmuck

Rhys Finnick
October 20 2013 10:13PM


                                         "Uh...does anybody else want to do anything?"

Lady Luck jilted the Jets tonight.

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Can't Hardly Watch

Ross Smith
October 20 2013 01:17PM

Now that we’re well into the browns and burnt umbers of Fall, full of Pumpkin Spice lattes and head colds, let’s take a look at what’s new and exciting on our TV’s! ‘Cause it ain’t been the performance of the Jets thus far.

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JGD 9: Prey?

Kevin McCartney
October 20 2013 11:58AM

The Predators are in town for game five of the Jets' six-game home stand. Nashville was a mess last year, taking 14th in the West and 27th in league. Their -28 goal differential was miles worse than even Winnipeg's -16. (Yay for being no worse than plain-old-bad!) In aggregate, the team is well on its way to another disapppointing season with a Division basement -5 goal differential through 8 games, early injuries, mediocre special teams, and an even strength goals for percentage of just 40%. And yet a late (highlight reel) goal in Montreal last night by 4th overall pick Seth Jones puts the Preds into 4th in the Central standings. 

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Game 8 vs. St Louis: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 19 2013 05:48PM

The Jets straight up stole this game from the St. Louis Blues. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

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