JGD 67: Coaches, coaches, coaches

Kevin McCartney
March 12 2014 05:20PM


I’ve been locked in an office for two months reading and writing about health policy, I moved and didn’t have internet for a while, and I’ve watched one hockey game since January – Slovakia/Slovenia in the middle of the night on Valentine’s (don’t read into that) – and even I know things are looking grim with the Canucks.

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Game 66 @ Colorado: Scoring Chances & Observations

Travis Hrubeniuk
March 11 2014 11:23PM

Game 66 @ Colorado

Despite a solid night from the Jets on the penalty kill, and superior puck possession throughout much of the night the Jets simply did not have the firepower needed to beat the Avalanche on Wednesday night.

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Game 66 @ Colorado: Montoya Performance & Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
March 11 2014 11:17PM

Best Byfuglien

The Jets dropped their fourth straight game Monday night to the Colorado Avalanche.  The Jets were at least able to force overtime and gain a point on the Dallas Starts, who had their game postponed following some shocking events and a scary scene regarding the health of Rich Peverley.

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 22: Dynamite in a Blender

Travis Hrubeniuk
March 10 2014 08:14PM


On this week's episode, we discuss the Jets lack of movement at the Trade Deadline, Sheifele's unfortunate injury and Paul Maurice putting all his lines and a stick of dynamite in a blender.  All that, plus an epic rant from Travis.

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Game 64 vs. LA Kings: Scoring Chances & Observations

Travis Hrubeniuk
March 08 2014 12:51AM

Game 64 vs LAK

Chart via extraskater.com

Just a fair head up before you open this article, these numbers are about as ugly as you would expect them to be following a game like Thursday’s. I’m talking about as ugly as it gets. Probably by some players you like. But hey…enjoy!

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