Advanced Stats All-Stars Vs. Over-Hyped Hitting Machines!

Kevin McCartney
August 09 2013 06:36AM

Photo by clydeorama

We bloggers can be a serious people. But it’s August. We’re all sitting in hammocks with a cold beer reading Vollman’s new Hockey Abstract on our tablets to avoid equally Screen Deprivation Anxiety and the chance of the sun reaching our pale, pale skin. It’s a time we can relax and stand to laugh at ourselves just a little.

Which is great because let’s face it, honoured readers, we bloggers sometimes pick odd players to love based on process related metrics. Just look at this great one by me on Eric Tangradi. I thought that guy might work out and felt genuine excitement about it. What a dummy.

But we’re not alone! Our professional partners in print and those of the Sound-Making Media have some hilarious ideas about how hockey works and who is good at it. Where bloggers use incredulity, the mainsteam media is using hype. And we’re all ridiculous!

I think readers can agree there’s no better way to see our foibles than holding an All-Star game. That’s right, The Kyle Wellwood’s Career Memorial All-Stars face off against The Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hawks!

So relax and have a laugh at yourself. And others. (If you have a horse in this race, it’s okay to laugh just a little harder at the others to keep the self-doubt at bay.)

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Jets Depth Chart in August: Defencemen

Kevin McCartney
August 08 2013 02:10PM


Now Jets Defensive Coach Charlie Huddy. Photo by FanofPucks

Ah the glory days of summer when depression about one's hockey club is pure and untainted by Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

On Monday we looked at the forward depth chart for the Jets, and today we address the defence. If the season started today, who would the Jets ice? We'll look at some context and possible training camp scenarios before we end with a group hug and a link to a support network.

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The Jets and Patience

Travis Hrubeniuk
August 07 2013 09:23PM


The word patience is really starting to annoy me. It has been thrown around Winnipeg sport franchises like no other as of late, and it has me really questioning how much longer fans in the city have to deal with it. The misconception that "just having a team back" is enough should really be wearing off soon, but it seems as if Chevy & Co. are going to hold on to it for as long as the majority of the fan base finds it acceptable. Therefore, I ask you - Do the Jets really deserve our patience any longer, or is it time to expect winning and playoff births from this team?

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Burmistrov Confirms Ice-Time Conflict, Gives Juicy Quote, and Is Probably Right

Kevin McCartney
August 06 2013 06:09AM

Photo by clydeorama.

The reasons for Alex Burmistrov's depature to the KHL seemed self-evident, even the morning of July 8th. A four-game benching, limited minutes on a struggling team, and poor linemates were the gifts from a coach to a player having a successful personal season at a young age. It seemed like a form of gaslighting from afar - telling Burmistrov to be better and earn his minutes while at once he couldn't possibly have been better given this circumstances and others on the roster were getting ice time by virtue of some other, non-merit-based criteria. The rumours began in May and his agent confirmed that Burmistrov had little interest in playing for Noel again before the ink was dry with Ak Bars Kazan.

In Ken Wiebe's article linked above, we were left with one unresolved puzzle piece. 

"In previous conversations, Burmistrov had been adamant that his primary focus was on playing in the NHL, so what changed?

'It is better to forward this question to Alex,' said Nikolaev [Burmistrov's Agent].

Burmistrov, 21, could not be reached for comment."

Yesterday (yesterday? Time zones hurt my brain), published an interview with Alex Burmistrov that resolved this question in a playa-hatin' quote TMZ would relish. 

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Jets Depth Chart in August: Forwards

Kevin McCartney
August 05 2013 07:07AM

We looked at the Depth Chart back in July, and hilariously, I published the article mere hours before news broke that Burmistrov had signed in the KHL. With Burmistrov penciled in, I thought the forward group showed more balance than last year. Without Burmi, I suggested Halischuk might be a target to fill the role.

Well, here we are in August and I'm here to say I told you so. We indeed have Halischuk and "balance" has been left to the circus performers and self-help gurus. If the season started today, what would the Jets depth chart look like? We'll start with the forwards, review the context, and talk about the would-be training camp battles. Be brave, readers.

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