Jets Prospects Development: Using cumulative NHLEs

Garret Hohl
February 25 2015 09:00AM

NHLEs are often used to estimate how a prospect would produce if they were in the NHL the next season. They are also sometimes used in trying to produce better draft lists.

Another interesting way to use them is in evaluating the development of prospects.

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Jets 2015 Trade Deadline: Jets on the Trading Block

Garret Hohl
February 25 2015 07:00AM

As we approach the trade deadline, talk and rumours escalate. The Winnipeg Jets for the most part are looking to the future, but are not in a rebuild. This places the Jets in the position of not being major sellers, nor major buyers.

However, Kevin Cheveldayoff has always been open in saying that if given the chance to accelerate the process, he will.

Are there any Jets on the trading block? What other assets do the Jets have?

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Jets Nation Recap: Jets win and goaltending drought ends

Garret Hohl
February 24 2015 09:32PM

The Winnipeg Jets won a game, a game where the Jets were out shot, out chanced, and out possessed. What's this goaltending thing?

The game started pretty exciting with some back-and-forth. For once the Jets were not the team getting caught with an offensive zone penalty and Bryan Little potted one on the power play.

After the first the Dallas Stars controlled most of the play, and brought the game to a tie with a goal from Eric Cole. Jets though leapt ahead with goals from Adam Lowry and Dustin Byfuglien.

Michael Frolik got the empty netter, fortifying the Jets win, despite Jason Demers sneaking one in afterwards.

Let's break it down.

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Which players compare closest to Byfuglien at forward and defense?

Garret Hohl
February 24 2015 11:50AM

Dustin Byfuglien always has been an interesting specimen to study. He represents the new push in analytical thinking: how a player can have flaws (perceived or real) and make up for them in other areas, making them the better choice.

The tides are slowly changing. People are starting to notice how much amazing Byfuglien has been at defense. The issue though is there seems to be a disconnect in how Byfuglien plays at forward and how it's not much better than a lot of the Jets current depth options.

Let's take a look.

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Future NHEhlers - February 24th, 2015

Josh W
February 24 2015 09:00AM

Welcome back to another weeks edition of Future NHEhlers where we review all the latest in news and play for the Winnipeg Jets (non-AHL) prospects. We dig into all the game reports from the CHL, NCAA, and Europe to let you know how all of your future favourites are progressing.

Without further ado, let's move to the numbers!

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