Tank Schmank!

John Lofranco
April 09 2012 07:47AM

Greatest Tank Battles

The season is over. Next up for Leafs, Jets, Flames and Oilers fans is the draft lottery. There’s been a lot of griping over the last month of the season about how the way the NHL draft is set up encourages teams to “tank” that is, to purposely try to lose games. I am not sure that tanking is actually a thing, however. In this blog, I will look at whether teams are really tanking, and if so, how to fix it so there are more meaningful games down the stretch. Follow me over le jump.

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Nation Radio - April 7, 2012

April 08 2012 12:18PM


Welcome to the last day of the season! Or as Flames, Oilers and Leafs fans consider it, the start of the fun stuff. Drafts! Trades! And Firings! Oh my!

During this regular season finale show, Lowetide talks to some Jets, Flames and Leafs regulars to get their take on each team's failed year and what the future holds for them.

This is Nation Radio.

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The Nashville Model

Jonathan Willis
April 07 2012 11:32AM

There aren’t a lot of teams out there trying to follow the Nashville model. Winnipeg is one of them.

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Mark Chipman on the Short-Term Plan

Jonathan Willis
April 06 2012 01:52PM

With one game left in their NHL season, Winnipeg Jets chairman Mark Chipman held a long and highly informative press conference today discussing the team’s inaugural season.

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Alexander Burmistrov's Offensive Ceiling

Jonathan Willis
April 03 2012 11:51AM

Alexander Burmistrov was an interesting selection at eighth overall in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. Having now played 147 NHL games, he remains an interesting selection.

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