JGD #53: Time to rebound in Vancouver

Dale Lamontagne
February 03 2015 01:35PM

Yesterday's game for the Winnipeg Jets was what many call a "must win". Why? Because they're a team winless since the NHL's All-Star Break and they went up against the Calgary Flames, a team they're neck and neck with in the Western Conference for the two Wild Card positions. They failed to accomplish their goal, as Calgary would take a 5-2 victory. Read more about last night's game in the recap Garret Hohl put together. 

The Jets should forget about last night and move on to tonight, where they take on the Canucks in Vancouver for the first time of three meetings this season. 

Winnipeg (26-18-8) currently sit in the first Wild Card spot in the West and have a three point lead over Vancouver (27-18-3) who sit in the final Wild Card position. 

Like last night, the Jets need to win yet again. They need to turn the ship around, end their slump, and deposit two clean points because the teams chasing them have games in hand; Vancouver has two games in hand, and Calgary has a game in hand. The team cannot afford to lose more games when teams you're pushing against are also fighting for a playoff spot... especially to the very teams chasing the Jets.

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Future NHEhlers - February 3rd, 2015

Josh W
February 03 2015 10:29AM

Recently the new Nations Network Overloard --Thomas Drance -- signed a few blogger free-agents. One of these signings was myself. I will pick up where Garret Hohl left off in his old "lower" blogging days, providing you with weekly updates on all of the latest in Jets prospects. This will be in a similar format to how Canucks Army has a weekly Prospects / AHL report.

For those who do not know me, I have been writing on the internet for the last two years and my main interest in hockey analytics is in prospects and draft analytics.  I am the proprietor of CHLStats.com and am interested in predicting which juniors are most likely to make the big show. Most of my work can be found on Canucks Army.

For AHL prospect news make sure to check back in a few days. For now, continue past the jump for the latest in prospects news!

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The Hockey Graphs Podcast Episode 4: Sour Cream and Motorcycle Safety

Rhys Jessop
February 03 2015 09:00AM

Hockey Graphs Podcast 2

This week on the Hockey Graphs podcast (now on Jets Nation!), Garret and Rhys share a poop story, analyze the play of Michael Hutchinson and Zack Kassian, remember the greatest mascot in hockey history, and look at a handful of random correlations. Join us on the other side of the jump!

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Winnipeg Jets are set up for the future: Wingers

Garret Hohl
February 03 2015 08:00AM

It's one thing to be good, it's another entirely to be good and young.

I wrote an article in the Winnipeg Free Press last Saturday, saying that underlying metrics say good things about the 2014-15 Winnipeg Jets. The Jets' strong numbers --such as in score adjusted Corsi percentage (SAC%)-- are a positive sign. While points and wins show where a team stands at a single moment, shot metrics are important because they better predict how a team will perform for the remainder of the season.

There are seven teams in the NHL who currently hold a better SAC% than the Winnipeg Jets. The real kicker though is only the Tampa Bay Lightning consist of a younger average roster.

The Jets' youth has not just been passengers, but have driven a lot of the success as well. In this series we will look at the Jets depth in each position, while specifically focusing on those under 25 and making an impact. Today we turn to wingers, and one especially good one.

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Jets Nations Postgame: Bleh!

Garret Hohl
February 02 2015 10:36PM

Not sure what sums it up better than that. The Winnipeg Jets are an above average team that have allowed an above average amount of goals as of late. We all knew Michael Hutchinson couldn't play like a demigod forever, but this kind of stinks.

After starting with the early lead, things started to fall apart. Ultimately the Jets gave up five goals and only were able to put two up on the scoreboard.

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