Jason Gregor
August 16 2011 10:04PM

Yesterday we saw the distinct difference between sports and real life. It was a good day for hockey, but it was also an awful one.

Let's start with the good: The Hockey News picked the Oilers to finish last in the Western Conference.

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The Rick Rypien tragedy and how to learn from it

Dean Belanger
August 16 2011 07:17PM



Last night I received a call from my Brother in law asking me if I had heard about Rick Rypien, which I had not. For some reason I had no desire to be on the computer last night and instead I went to the gym and then flicked between baseball and football. When I received the news, a shot of fear went through me that I can’t describe. I had never met the player, honestly I wouldn’t know him if had passed him on the street. No the reason for my discomfort had nothing to do with him really, and more to do with me…

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When a horrible contract is not that horrible

Cam Charron
August 16 2011 03:13PM




There may not be a player in hockey whose positive on-ice performance is painted in such a negative due to his contract than Scott Gomez. Gomez is going to be 32 in December and makes a staggeringly Sather-esque $7.4M a season to be a serviceable two-way forward for the Montreal Canadiens. He scored just seven goals with 38 points this past season and was a minus-15. Yikes.

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Rick Rypien Dies

Kent Wilson
August 15 2011 07:19PM



Terrible news breaking on twitter this evening. Ex-Canuck and recently signed Winnipeg Jet Rick Rypien was found dead in his Alberta home today.

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Zach Bogosian a Big Deal in Winnipeg

Matt Eichel
August 15 2011 05:35PM




Not only is Jets defenseman and current RFA excited and ready to play in Winnipeg, Zach Bogosian is also one of the best young defensemen in the NHL today.

Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press likened Bogosian to LA Kings star Drew Doughty and Toronto Maple Leafs Luke Schenn, who are also both in contract negotiations with their teams without any arbitration rights.

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