The Visor Problem

Travis Hrubeniuk
March 07 2013 08:20AM


By now we have all seen it. On Tuesday night, New York Ranger Marc Staal took a deflected clapper from Philadelphia Flyer Kimmo Timonen right in the eye resulting in a rather gruesome, a very scary injury. (See video below if you can stomach it)

It's time something was done to end these senseless injuries, and I have an idea that just might work.

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Jets Game Day: A Good 'ol Hockey Game

Brett Martin
March 07 2013 08:10AM

Tonight, your Winnipeg Jets battle the iconic Lightning of Tampa Bay. It's a rivalry steeped in history, the passion of which often surpasses that of the Leafs/Canadiens battles, and likely even those heated Yankess/Red Sox matchups. And tonight should prove to be an extra thrilling instalment. 

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Lucky, lucky Jets

Brett Martin
March 06 2013 09:29PM

 How lucky are the Jets? As they scuttle around simultaneously winning and losing games you think they possibly couldn't, their division rivals are dropping like flies. With every rivals' torn groin, broken wrist and damaged MCL, the Jets find themselves in increasingly better shape to make some noise in the this shortened season.

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Never Change, NW division. Never change.

Graphic Comments
March 06 2013 09:37AM

Feast or famine

Wow. There really is no middle ground in the Northwest Division, is there?

Whether it's in the standings, with the Canucks pretty much feasting on the talent starved rest of the division, or in the front offices, where you could never accuse any of the GMs of being underfed, but sometimes it sure seems like they've starved their brains of oxygen.

That's right: it's feast or famine in the Northwest. (Yeah, I went there. Deal with it.)

This last week was no exception...

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Game #22 at Panthers: Please?

Kevin McCartney
March 05 2013 12:40PM

Florida Panthers (6-11-5) vs.

Your Winnipeg Jets (10-10-1)

Last Meeting: Feburary 5, Jets 3 - Panthers 2 (OT)


So on Saturday, Washington entered our matchup last in the east. Today, that’s Florida! Man, I don’t want to be a King maker. Or, like, a serf maker, I guess. Turning plebs into prols, maybe? Okay, forget feudalism – let’s go with wrestling. We can’t let ‘em off the mat, boys!

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