What can the Flyers expect out of Jaromir Jagr?

Cam Charron
July 14 2011 09:38AM



When the Philadelphia Flyers signed Jaromir Jagr, my initial reaction was that it was just another crazy transaction from Paul Holmgren, who has been the summer's most talked-about General Manager.

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Jason Gregor
July 13 2011 01:12PM

After successfully not drowning or cramping up during my first triathlon sprint over the weekend, I spent Sunday and Monday catching up on the hockey world. I was shocked not at all to see that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman had once again done nothing to deter a GM from spouting off, found some interesting arbitration comparables, was perplexed at the reaction of some Oiler fans, heard that Toronto might be getting a new rink (and possibly another team) and the NHL has some realignment plans.

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A Close Look at Zach Bogosian

Kent Wilson
July 13 2011 12:41PM



The Winnipeg Jets have a couple of significant restricted free agents left to sign, not the least of which is 21-year old Zach Bogosian. Attitudes about the former third overall draft pick were sharply divergent in Atlanta last year, particular in how a majority of the fans felt about the player versus how the coaching staff deployed him. He has become something of a controversial player as a result.

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Jets Set to Move to the Central Division

Kent Wilson
July 12 2011 09:38AM



Because making a decision and taking action is a slow-motion affair in the league's front offices, the Jets will be competing on the balmy shores of the league's SE division this coming year. However, according to TSN, it looks like the long-term destination for Winnipeg will be the Central division. Which is kind of bad news.

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A Laurel and Hardy Handshake

Robert Cleave
July 11 2011 11:28PM



Wanye and Cam have us off to a good start here at Jets Nation, so it seems like the proper time to add a few thoughts of my own about the events that have transpired since that night in May when Stephen Brunt broke the news that so many of us had waited 15 years to hear.

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