Jets Post-Game 34: So who's the next coach?

Kevin McCartney
December 15 2013 12:40PM


Obviously, this post is almost a full day late. I watched the game in real time, and I opened the blog, and I wrote a few words. But to be honest, it can be extremely difficult to write about this team after games like this one. The outcome is known before puck drop. It's the duty of the fan to hope against reason, while the (well) paid professionals that assembled and coach the team seem obstinate in the face of overwhelming common sense. 

All fans are really asking for is a management group that will meet them half way. You don't have to win the cup this year, but show progress - prove that you're aware of what's happening and that we're all watching the same game. 

Intead, the Jets third miserable afternoon performance of the season revealed all of the worst parts of this club.

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JGD 34: Afternoon Delight

Kevin McCartney
December 14 2013 12:07PM

Today the Jets face the only team with a worse powerplay over the last three seasons, and one of the two Central Division opponents tied with them at 33 points. The Stars have managed those points in 3 fewer games, and in the face of seemingly constant injury, but that won't stop us from making the comparison.

It's also a game where the team names seem strangely apt. The Jets are still testing their ceiling in game 34, seemingly stuck in the R&D phase of this flight project. 

At the other end of the rink, the Stars are searching for answers to the mysteries of the hockey universe. How does hyrdostatic pressure mean we're both always imploding and exploding? Which players form our gravity well, and which are the reactive elements? Why aren't we producing more solar neutrinos, the corsi of star analytics? 

It's a matchup that deserves a Sunshine type film. 

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Jets Powerplay: Measuring by the Team's Own Criteria

Kevin McCartney
December 13 2013 03:12PM

During the pre-season, Assistant Coach Pascal Vincent was interviewed about the Jets' powerplay and responded with some hints about how he evaluates the unit he coaches.

His comments revealed three evaluative criteria: shots per minute, scoring chances per minute, and zone time. Thanks to Travis Hrubeniuk, we have the Jets' scoring chance numbers, and thanks to, their powerplay time and shots. We could count zone time, but some of us have girlfriends (not me, obviously) or other hobbies (again, not me) or can't figure out how to record a bunch of failed dump-ins as zone time (bingo!). We'll work with what we have.

What we'll see below is an answer to several of our most pressing questions about the Jets' powerplay. First, what would convince the team that this powerplay doesn't need to change in the face of such persistent failure? Second, why have they started making changes recently to the structure and personnel of the unit? And lastly, how does the team's chosen evaluation fail?

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Friday Five-Hole: Priorities

Rhys Finnick
December 13 2013 01:47PM


See, the J is actually a hockey stick.

This weekly column looks to discuss a certain number of relevant Jets topics on a certain day of the week. That certain number? Five. That day of the week? Friday. Also, hole. This is the Friday Five-Hole.

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Jets Post-Game 33: SNOWED IN (GET IT?)

Rhys Finnick
December 13 2013 02:31AM


                                                   Do you smell what Frolik is cookin'?

Maybe the Jets deserved a better fate tonight.

Maybe I should get a real job. Maybe I should stop going to the arcade. Maybe I should finally get rid of my Gilligan's Island DVDs.


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