July 24 2011 07:16PM

If you enjoy advertisements you are going to have to make do with this old Microsoft Ad with Steve Ballmer yelling about the wonderful features of Microsoft Paint. Because as always NationRadio is delivered to you commercial free only on the Nation Network.

This week's episode includes Kent Wilson, Scott Reynolds, Gabe Desjardins, Corey Graham, a rebroadcast of an interview with Tom Renney and as always the incomparable Lowetide.


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The Theory and Nature of Current Advanced Hockey Analysis

Kent Wilson
July 23 2011 02:12PM



Before we proceed with the rest of the Flames "mediocrity" series, it makes sense to discuss and explicate the basis of the analyses we tend to engage in here. The theory, the application and the practicality of the stats we employ and the resultant interpretations. 

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Jets Logos Unveiled

Robert Cleave
July 22 2011 03:57PM



The Jets kicked off the process of merchandizing this afternoon with the unveiling of the team's new logos and the first sales of gear at the MTS Centre. The full compliment of team marks and logos can be seen at the club's website. There's nothing that really knocks my socks off, but I'll freely admit I might not be the target demographic, and in any case I suspect they'll sell a few units tonight. Thoughts?

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Jets Hire Assistant Coach Pascal Vincent

Kent Wilson
July 22 2011 01:15PM



While we all continue to breathlessly await the Jets logo reveal, the club announced today they have hired Pascal Vincent as assistant coach to Claude Noel. 

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Contrails - July 21st

Kent Wilson
July 21 2011 01:48PM



Welcome to contrails, a new Jets Nation links post feature. Today we'll look at the contracts of Andrew Ladd and Blake Wheeler as well as a comparison between Mark Scheifele and Sean Courturier. Finally, we'll look at which Canadian broadcaster will be carrying Jets games this upcoming year.

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