Game 11 @ Nashville: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 26 2013 01:03PM

In the Jets second game against the Predators this season, things were more wide open than the first go-round, a style favouring the Jets. Yet, the Jets still lost. At fault may be some questionable decisions by coach Claude Noel.

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Friday Five-Hole

Rhys Finnick
October 25 2013 03:15PM


This weekly column looks to discuss a certain number of relevant Jets topics on a certain day of the week. That certain number? Five. That day of the week? Friday. Also, hole. This is the Friday Five-Hole.

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Game 11 @ Nashville: Pavelec and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 25 2013 12:14AM


Ondrej Pavelec's post-game presser broke hockey's code of 'team first' unity as he pinned the team's record on the play in front of him. Tough words to swallow from a goalie with back-up quality career stats.

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Jets Post-Game 11: Nashville Wins (Again)

Rhys Finnick
October 24 2013 11:22PM

You got want you wanted now, didn't you, kid?

After losing a game they deserved to win against the Capitals on Tuesday, the Jets were a picture of inconsistency against the Nashville Predators Thursday night. It seemed like every time a Jets player did something right, they'd make an ill-timed mistake soon afterwards.

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JGD 11: On the Road Again

Kevin McCartney
October 24 2013 01:48PM

After game 4, Claude Noel cautioned against concern by telling us that he looks at the season in five-game segments, with the reasonable goal to win 3 of each 5. A 2-3-1 record on the team's home stand means the Jets have fallen below expectations on each of Noel's 5-game segments to start the year and remain three points down on their target. A modest gap.

It's early in the season to be talking in absolutes, but the Jets are entering a critical part of their schedule - four games on the road, five straight against Divisional opponents, and ten straight against Western Conference teams. If the Jets fall short of their goal in the next ten games, we could be talking about a new coach or even the Draft by Rememberance Day. 

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