Division Lead In Sight, But Not So Fast

Matt Eichel
February 21 2012 07:42AM



Winnipeg Jets fans are in the midst of something that has happened to the majority of Canadian NHL teams in the past 20 years - they're in the middle of a playoff run that has as much possibility of the team making the playoffs as it does them not making the post season.

Having covered and watched the Montreal Canadiens before the return of the Jets, I know very well how playoff runs that come down to the wire can go - sometimes great as when the Canadiens finished sixth last season and sometimes not so great as when the Canadiens were bounced out of the playoffs with a loss to rival Toronto in their last game of the season in 2006-07.

As any hockey fan of any team that lives on the periphery of the playoff picture year in and year out - excluding Detroit for the last 20 years, Vancouver the last 10 years, and Pittsburgh the last five years - it is nerve wracking to even watch a single game because so much hangs in the balance.

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Nation Radio - February 18, 2012

February 19 2012 01:34PM



Playoffs are a distant hope for the third straight season in Edmonton this year. The focus now shifts to the pending trade deadline, the kids and, eventually, the draft. This week Allan visits with California hockey fan and writer Earl Sleek, welcomes various voices familiar with both pro and amateur Edmonton prospects and shares some reader/listener thoughts on the rapidly approaching deadline.

This is Nation Radio.

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February 18 2012 12:49AM

"Rather than spit some outsider gibberish about what we think about the trade deadline we asked friend of the Nation Brian Sutherby - veteran of 460 NHL games and a fella who has been traded twice - what its like to go through the deadline as an NHL player. 

It's kinda like cheating on a test. Why learn math when we can ask the smartest kid in the class to take the test for us? That's good thinkin' right there.

The rest of this article is all him as they say* But we take all the credit for forcing him to write it with all the threatening BBMs that we have sent that arrive in the middle of the night due to the time difference.

Classic." - Wanye

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So you're saying there's a chance?

Mitch Calvert
February 17 2012 02:06PM



(Welcome Jets Nation's newest contributor, Mitch Calvert)

Kevin Cheveldayoff’s job is about to get a lot more difficult.

With the NHL trade deadline looming just over a week away—Feb. 27 for those counting—the Jets still find themselves within striking distance of the eighth and final playoff spot—only two points back of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the Eastern Conference standings after a win over the Carolina Hurricanes last night. But Washington sits in ninth spot a point up, with two games in hand.

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Robert Cleave
February 15 2012 11:23PM



Tuesday's dispiriting effort against a mediocre Islanders' team likely signified the end of Winnipeg's aspirations for the post-season, and the inability of the team to generate any offence was again at the heart of the failure. The Jets' paucity of scoring in all situations is fairly evident when you watch them, but one part of the club's endeavors that seems to be even more laden with ineptitude is their work when playing 5 v 4.

The Jets' failings on the powerplay have been a fairly common topic since late January, one that's been mentioned in virtually every postgame over the last few weeks, and unfortunately, when looking at the underlying numbers, the absence of 5 v 4 scoring isn't merely a percentage-driven lull.

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