The Best Year of Mark Stuart's Career

Kevin McCartney
May 02 2014 06:15AM

Mark Stuart alone

Mark Stuart is a divisive figure on the Jets blue line. Many fans love his rough-and-tumble style. The coaching staff appreciate his work ethic. We can all enjoy the absurdly square dimensions of his cranium. 

A select (and annoyingly vocal) few see him as a major liability to the club at 14 minutes per game, and a hilarious circus act at the 20+ he averaged under Paul Maurice. Playing alongside Jacob Trouba for much of the season, Stuart played more minutes per game this season than at any time in his career to date. By season end, he averaged 2 more minutes per game than he did just last season (a season of blue line injuries, devotees might remember).

Signed to a new four-year contract, Stuart seems poised to take a top-4 role in the Jets' defence group moving forward. The pressing question - what can we expect? The terrifying answer - he may take a step back from his performance this season. 

Inside we'll weigh the possibilities.

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NHL Awards: PHBA Edition

Travis Hrubeniuk
May 01 2014 11:37AM


It's time for something new. 

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 29: Teach Us

Travis Hrubeniuk
April 28 2014 01:48PM


On this week's episode, the guys discuss the positives and negatives of replay, NHL vs NBA viewership, and the responsibility of the broadcasters to help educated and entertain us during games.  All that, plus Backes, Cooke and an article in the Winnipeg Sun polling fans opinions on the Jets.

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April 26 2014 01:52AM


Every year the Oilers fail to make the post season and every year we are sent out screaming into the world on a backpacking trip, prevented from scratching out our eyes, being caught bawling in front of a closed Rexall Place or worse.

This year we are in Australia, the land of Bundy Rums, babes that disappointingly don’t go crazy with desire at the sound of a Canadian accent and the AFL.

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Nation Playoff Pool Update

April 23 2014 12:43PM


The playoffs are a week in and here's your first playoff pool update. If you didn't enter, shame on you. If you did sign up, it's time to brag about how smart you are.  Unless, of course, your pool looks like mine where I go out and pick players that have completely fallen off the face of the earth.  I'm looking at you Nyquist. *shakes fist*

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