Saying All The Right Things

Trin Potratz
August 29 2014 07:15AM

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The Winnipeg Jets will be entering the 2014-15 NHL season with very low expectations. The team was unable to add any special pieces to contribute to the team's growth, and seem somewhat comfortable with the group they have going into next season.

The good news is that low expectations can be met easily and any slight improvement over what many are predicting will be considered a win for the organization. The bad news is that the low expectations are where the team is at today.

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Player Preview: Evander Kane

Trin Potratz
August 29 2014 02:00AM

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He's an enigma, a money-grubbing youngster, and a supreme young talented NHL forward. Yes, i'm talking about power forward Evander Kane.

Kane went through various ups and downs last year, with his off-ice immaturity leading to questions about his character and his on-ice performance being deemed not good enough to fight off character issues. Paul Maurice made Evander Kane a healthy scratch a time or two last season, and we'll see what kind of affect that has on the young player.

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NHL Expanding by four teams?!? Maybe, apparently.

Steve Dangle
August 27 2014 08:17AM

I knew something was up when we recorded a new podcast last night and there was no major NHL news to report. Usually when that happens something goes kablooey the second we upload it. Low and behold, apparently the NHL is close to expanding by four teams, including another one in Toronto, by 2017.

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Player Preview: Andrew Ladd

Trin Potratz
August 26 2014 09:08PM

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The man who wears his heart on his sleeve also wears the big capital "C" on his jersey. Andrew Ladd has been a warrior throughout his NHL career, and he has become a great leader over the years and continues to be a great leader on the struggling Jets team.

Part of Rick Dudley's short tenure as the Atlanta Thrashers GM saw him acquire two studs from the Chicago Blackhawks, with Andrew Ladd being one of them and Dustin Byfuglien the other. Ladd was acquired following the Blackhawks 2010 Stanley Cup victory that saw the tough winger score 38 points in a supporting role for a blue-chip prospect in Ivan Vishnevskiy (0 NHL games to date) and a 2nd round pick.

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Player Preview: Bryan Little

Trin Potratz
August 22 2014 10:57AM

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For the past few seasons, Bryan Little has been one of the bright spots in the Jets organization. The former 12th overall pick blossomed into a contributing centre a little bit more every season since becoming a pro at the ripe age of 19.

Little may not be one of the NHL's elite, but after posting a career high of 64 points last season at 26 years young, the Edmonton native may be ready to become a top pivot for years to come.

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