Explaining Jokinen's Terrible Last Quarter

Kent Wilson
July 04 2012 12:18PM



A day or two after Olli Jokinen signed with the Winnipeg Jets, I saw a lot of chatter about this last 15-games or so amongst fans and pundits on twitter. The big Fin had something of a comeback season last year, scoring 61-points (second on the team) but there's no question he had a dreadful final quarter - starting March 13, he managed just three points in the last 13 games and was a cumulative -14.

That being the Flames "stretch drive" for the playoffs, there was a lot of speculation about Jokinen's health and character to explain his horrible downturn in results. The truth is, however, one doesn't need to turn to health or character issues to sort things out - Jokinen merely hit a dry patch.

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Olli Jokinen Joins the Jets

Robert Cleave
July 02 2012 09:44PM



Well, where to begin? For those of you familiar with my time at Flames Nation, you'll know that I've spent the last several years, uh, enjoying, witnessing, tolerating, sufffering through, Olli Jokinen's handiwork as a member of the Calgary Flames. With that in mind, tonight's news that he's joining the team I actually pay money to watch leaves me somewhat ambivalent. 

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Nation Radio - June 30, 2012

July 02 2012 09:39AM

'Twas the night before a frenzy and all through the league, every pundit was prepping for long weekend fatigue...

The big day turned out to be rather uneventful, with only a few notable names finding homes. That said, it was a good weekend for the Edmonton Oilers - they won the Schultz sweepstakes and retained the still very effective Ryan Smyth on an extremely reasonable deal. Those additions and others across the Nation were set-up and discussed yesterday by LT and a wide range of guests, including Terry Jones, Tom Lynn and Bruce McCurdy.

This is Nation Radio.

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Jets Brass Smart To Stay Away From July 1 Madness

Matt Eichel
July 02 2012 08:19AM



For Jets fans on Twitter throughout Canada Day and, to a lesser extent depending who you are, Free Agent Frenzy, there was much to do about why the Jets were not signing players and, in essence, losing more players to other teams than signing more.

In a day that saw a number of teams land bigger name free agents - Dallas landing Ray Whitney, Tampa landing Sami Salo, Colorado landing P.A. Parenteau, and Vancouver landing Jason Garrison - the Jets had a net loss of players, as forward Tanner Glass signed a two-year deal with Pittsburgh worth $1.1 mil per and backup goalie Chris Mason returning to the club who drafted him for one year worth $1.25 mil per.

These two departures may be the biggest blow to any Jet fans ego because of the weight these guys held with the fans and with the team identity.

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The Odd Couple Reunited

JP Nikota
July 01 2012 10:25PM


Sharing the burden of a high pressure environement can often bring you closer than you might expect to people you wouldn't normally hang out with. Of course, sometimes, you're lucky enough to meet someone who is actually a decent person in this same situation, and you become something of a Bert & Ernie

In the case of Nik Antropov and Alexei Ponikarovsky, it was the (probably unfair and impetuous) expectations of Leafs' fans all across the globe that Nik and Poni should turn into superstars that provided the fertile loveground this bromance to blossom. That is, we have to assume that's why they became such friends, since fan pressure gets all the heat for negative things, so why not let it have this one win?

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