My Dinner with Dustin

Ross Smith
January 08 2014 08:00PM

After the recent Winnipeg/Ottawa game, Dustin Byfuglien and Bobby Ryan took some time over dinner to discuss their exclusion from the American Olympic team roster.

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 14: Travball

Travis Hrubeniuk
January 07 2014 04:32PM

On this week's very cold and frozen episode, Trav and the guys chat about the World Juniors + Team Canada, our goalie situation here in Winnipeg and the Jets lack of a system. All that, plus another spelling bee, Fair or Foul and an introduction to Travball.

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Jason Gregor
January 07 2014 10:34AM

Canada finally announced their 2014 roster for the Sochi Olympics, and without a doubt the biggest surprise is Claude Giroux not making the team.

There are eleven returning players on the 25-man roster, but in my eyes Rick Nash continues to be the most overrated player in the NHL. Nash has had one 70-point season, and since the 2010 Olympics he has scored 185 points in 228 games, 25th most amongst Canadian-born players. In that same time span Marty St.Louis has scored the most points, 271, while Giroux is third with 255.

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Pavelec Performance Tracker: Midway Update

Travis Hrubeniuk
January 06 2014 11:44AM

I feel like the time for me to provide an update on these numbers always comes perfectly. Once again it’s update time and Jets fans everywhere are fully entrenched in one of the biggest Pavelec debates to date.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Pro-Pavelec folk like to claim that the controversial goaltender is actually much better than every stat says. They stand strong with the fact that it’s the team that lets him down, leaves him out to dry, and therefore drags his numbers down. Anti-Pavelec folk are skeptical that every team he has ever played for has been so poor defensively that his numbers have been permanently below average. They point to save percentage and situational stats to suggest he might be worse than average back-ups at the NHL level.

In an attempt to provide more insight, I have tracked and evaluated every goal scored on the Winnipeg Jets this year and have made judgment calls in regards to the situation, why the puck went in, and where the puck went. It's still subjective to some extent, but gives us a collective and quantified memory for what's happened as the season blurs together over time. Here for you today is what I have found up to the 43-game mark (I haven’t had a chance to watch the games against Boston and Pittsburgh yet).

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Jets Post-Game 45: Barn Burner

Kevin McCartney
January 05 2014 11:23PM


The Jets played a thrilling afternoon game against the high-scoring Penguins, as both teams took advantage of the depth players on the other side to work the twine. 

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