Is Claude Noel's Job Still in Jeopardy?

Kevin McCartney
November 13 2013 04:17AM

Starting October 6th against Anaheim, a two week stretch of exceptionally poor hockey gave fuel to the on-going debate about whether Head Coach Claude Noel will be fired in-season. 

It was hardly the first time Jets' fans had considered the notion, as his roster management, special teams, and stubbornness have long needled at observers. But this year, the sports book Bodog ranked him 4th to be fired after just three games, and even the Edmonton Journal wrote about it after the first Chicago game.

Are three wins in a row enough to cool Noel's seat?

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Jets Post-Game 20: Three in a Row

Kevin McCartney
November 12 2013 09:36PM

The Jets have won three in a row for the first time this season. It certainly wasn't the convinving play we saw against Detroit 8 days ago, but a 4-2-0 record in the challenging early November schedule is worth celebrating.

Much of the game was played in the Jets' end, special teams continued to be a problem, and an acceptable first period slipped into a disasterous third. But on the back of Ondrej Pavelec's 41 saves, Bogosian's 1st goal of the year, and the shootout, the Jets have left the basement of the Central Division!

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JGD 20: Snakes and Ladders

Kevin McCartney
November 12 2013 12:00PM

Last week's matchup against this Detroit team was the first time the Jets showed promise this season. Sure, they had a few wins - even of the convincing sort. But a good team came to town and the Jets gave us reason to think they might actually avoid the basement of this Conference come April. 

Since, the Jets have turned in another two unexpectedly thorough and well-organized wins and are a game ahead of the count so far in November. 

Tonight's game is an important moment in proving the team has turned a corner, that it's not just their usual 'snakes and ladders' routine. Can they repeat their strong performance against Detroit?

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Game 19 vs San Jose: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 12 2013 12:08AM

This was a game the Jets really did deserve to win. They were in control of things for the majority of the time, and a different result really would have been heartbreaking. They managed to pull it out though against a team that has been fantastic in puck possession throughout most of the season.

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Game 19 vs San Jose: Pavelec and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 12 2013 12:05AM

An impressive performance by the Jets on Sunday night saw them win their second game in a row for the first time since the beginning of the season, and hopes are high right now that a little consistency could be growing. Aside from the game in Chicago, the Jets had a pretty solid week finishing 3-1-0, and if they can continue to put in performances like the one they had against a good team in San Jose, this team may not be done yet.

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