Nation Network Mock Draft: Final Rankings

Jonathan Willis
June 15 2013 07:04AM

Over the past few days, the readers of the various sites in the Nation Network have been voting on their rankings of prospects for the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. Today, we reveal the results.

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Nation Network 2013 Mock Draft: Day 3

Jonathan Willis
June 14 2013 10:10AM

The Nation Network’s 2013 Mock Draft continues, with the close of the first round.

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Hockey in LA

Brett Martin
June 13 2013 10:43AM

They say there's no place like home, which may well be true, but I'm of the mindset that there's no place like Los Angeles. What a place. In a single day, you can swim, hike, invade the privacy of celebrities via guided bus tours of their homes, take a wrong turn off a freeway and fear for your life, and see real, live Mexicans sleeping in the sunshine - all that, and you've just barely scratched the surface. It's an amazing city, and I love it.

I also love Hockey. Fancy my luck, then, that my time there would coincide with the Western Conference finals, a series in which the Kings were playing. I was given a wonderful opportunity to see just how much, if at all, a huge American market like LA cared about the Kings. And there was no time like the present to gauge it. As defending Stanley Cup champs on the doorstep of another Finals apperance, I could think of no better time to see the kind of buzz that Hockey was creating. Would the city care? Could there be buzz? Was it possible for Daryl Sutter mania to exist in LA as it did in Calgary in 2004?

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Nation Network 2013 Mock Draft: Day 2

Jonathan Willis
June 13 2013 10:14AM

Photo: Alaney2k/Wikimedia

Yesterday we asked readers network-wide to vote their choices for the first 10 slots in this year’s entry draft. The results are in; which teams landed which players?

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Commited to a Lack of Commitment

Travis Hrubeniuk
June 12 2013 10:01AM


Photo by John Slipec, Wikimedia

Dustin Byfuglien is a big guy. How big exactly? Well, nobody really knows. 

Or so we thought.

Byfuglien has always been reluctant to drop the true number in regards to his weight, and it is completely his right to do so. Yet, Gary Lawless released an article Tuesday in which he states that a reliable source for fellow Jets blogger Pete Tessier has learned that Byfuglien weighed in at 302 pounds at the end of this season. That’s a lot of human.

Personally, the weight itself isn’t what bothers me. Despite his size, Byfuglien has been able to be a dominant defenseman in the NHL (when he decides to be), and has an absolute cannon from the blue line. My problem comes in the fact that somehow Dustin Byfuglien managed to actually gain weight throughout an NHL season. That's no easy task, and to me speaks to a total lack of caring and commitment.  

How much weight did Buff gain exactly? Well nobody really knows, but the Jets site has him listed at 265lbs. Therefore, just assuming this is somewhat close (doubtful, but it’s all I have to work with), Buff managed to gain 37lbs while playing professional hockey. Umm... What?

How outrageous is this? Well, luckily stuff like this happens to be an area of expertise in my schooling, so I’m going to do my best to explain this to you.

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