Game 4 @ Minnesota: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 11 2013 12:36PM

I really do apologize for this. I’ll warn you now, it’s not pretty for the most of the Jets and I really hope those of you going to the game against Dallas tonight get a bit of a better show. The Jets were outplayed for the majority of the game, and the chance count definitely reflects that.

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Game 4 @ Minnesota: Pavelec and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
October 11 2013 12:55AM

My goodness that was ugly. 

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Jets Post Game 4: Unwatchable

Kevin McCartney
October 10 2013 09:45PM

How about those first periods, Jets fans? I can't hear you - groan louder! 

After everyone and their dog made the point of needing to start better, to the point of having Claude Noel himself talk about practicing for better starts, the Jets' opening 20 minutes against Minnesota saw them get outshot 10-6, 9-3 at even strength. The Jets' best period - the second - is also the Wild's! The Wild outshot the Jets 12-4 in that 20 minute block to go 54-19 on the season in 2nd periods. At evens it was 11-2. Surely the third was better! Nope. Final shots were 30 to 15. A corsi lover? Try a shameful 62-41.

There was a lot of discussion on twitter about Claude Noel and his future behind the bench. What is wrong with the Jets will be the question of the weekend, almost irrespective of the result in Dallas tomorrow night.  

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JGD 4: Meeting the Central

Kevin McCartney
October 10 2013 04:08PM

Photo by Bugsy Sailor  

It's only game four, and despite a winning record, the locals are restless. It's not without reason. At even strength, the Jets have been out shot 76-58, out Corsi'd 142-113, and simply out played. The penalty kill sits in the low 70's. Despite the dieification of Pavelec, the team sits 19th in 5 on 5 goals against per 60 minutes. Any way you slice it, the team is struggling - except at scoring goals, where only the Sharks and Blues have been better. 

Tonight, the Jets kick off back-to-back games in their first contests against Central Division opponents. The Minnesota Wild are to the Jets what George was to Opposite George. They're doing everything right - leading the league in corsi% 5 on 5, second in shot differential, keeping the puck out of their net. The Wild are beating their opponents at even strength. But like regular George, they never score - averaging less than one goal per 60 minutes of 5 on 5 hockey. That's less than a quarter of the Jets' scoring rate. 

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Dr. Gary!

Ross Smith
October 10 2013 03:35AM

This season The Jets have hired Sports Psychologist and Life Coach, Dr. Gary Barnard to help focus and motivate the team. We’re fortunate enough to have been granted access to these closed-door meetings. Here is the transcript for Dr. Gary’s session with the team in preparation for the Oct.10 game against the Minnesota Wild.

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