JGD 24: #HelmetPardyCanceled, #NothingToCelebrate

Kevin McCartney
November 21 2013 04:02PM

"This classless lion will not be permitted inside the MTS Centre." - Mark Chipman (probably)

The Jets face the Blackhawks just four times this year, and three of those matchups fall in November. The NHL often relies on many games in a short time span to spur rivalry. You play anyone enough in a physical, close quarter, frustrating game like hockey, the logic goes, and you'll learn to hate each other. It's like the playoffs!

I think it's working because I, for one, am starting to really hate these games. Isn't there some team from a place where you can barbeque year-round that has a team for us to play? 

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Jetstream Podcast Ep 7: With You Stats

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 21 2013 10:03AM

The boys start the show with an obligatory mention of Winnipeg's first snowfall, and then get to figuring out how to solve overtime without a shootout. Travis still doesn’t understand why we didn’t pick up Mikhail Grabovski. And the Jets still have (had) the Belt!

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Game 23 Vs. Calgary: Montoya and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 20 2013 01:11PM

Well, I guess we all know what Detroit felt like about a week ago. It’s not a very nice feeling is it?

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Game 23 Vs. Calgary: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 20 2013 01:02PM

Fenwick chart (shots + missed shots) from Extraskater.com

In a game that the Jets thoroughly dominated at even strength, they were ultimately defeated due to a bad bounce, defensive lapses, and a painfully horrible penalty kill.

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Ross Smith
November 19 2013 04:40AM

An Oiler diehard living in Vancouver writing about the Jets. It’s a confusing time for one man’s fandom. “You can’t have split loyalties,” cries out the true fan. “That’s not how it works!” Yet it does and I do and it keeps me sliding up and down a continuum of fanaticism that colours me bluer than an Albert King song or brighter yellow than August sunshine, all depending on the time and place. I’m old enough to remember the glories of Gretz, I lived in Winnipeg while the Jets were howling mournfully in the desert and I narrowly avoided a riot in Vancouver. If our fandom is an extension of our true selves then hand me a sonic screwdriver and fire up the TARDIS because I keep regenerating: the same but different and a little wearier every time. Even St. Christopher would tell me to give it up already because there are no more Cups in sight, not by a long shot.

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