Boris Mironov - "Signing with the Rangers is the End of Your Career"

Kent Wilson
December 08 2011 04:49PM



Translation courtesy Andrey Osadcehnko

**Original text - Alexander Voynov, Sport Weekend

- Do you remember your first game as a pro?

You bet! I was 17. I think it was season 1988/89. It was the last game of the season against Sokol Kiev. I was very nervous. I was put out there with Alexei Kasatonov – the legend. He tried to cheer me up as best as he could. We won 8:2 but I was frustrated.

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NHLNumbers Podcast Episode 4

NHLnumbers Podcast
December 08 2011 10:03AM



The first three episodes of the NHLNumbers podcast focused mostly on definitions and theory in general. In episode four, we move on to applying what we've talked about to particular teams/players/news in the league. This week, we decided to focus on the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers - a couple of clubs with a lot to talk about and great writers to talk with. Neil Greenberg of the Washington Post and ESPN as well as Geoff Detweiler of Broadstreet Hockey stop by to share their insights.  

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Don't look now, Jets within striking distance

Cam Charron
December 07 2011 01:38PM

Hockey seasons are long.

It takes a while for us to be able to tell with certainty what type of team any given club will become. Take the Winnipeg Jets, for instance. You could look at them at the start of the season as a team that had a young corps of players, but without making any major offseason moves, probably not a competing playoff team after finishing 12th in the conference, 13 points out of a playoff spot last season.

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Owner Calls It: Pavelec Beats Bruins

Nation World HQ
December 06 2011 09:34PM


During a news conference before Tuesday night's game at MTS Centre, Winnipeg Jets owner Mark Chipman was asked if his hockey team could beat the defending Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins. As a child, growing up in Winnipeg, Chipman had been a Bruins fan and admitted that he was thrilled that the Bruins were actually playing against his "new favorite team."

"It's going to be a tough game," Chipman said. "Let me put it this way. If we're going to win, our goalie has to be the star of the game."

It's almost like he called it.

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Owner Chipman Loves Realignment

Nation World HQ
December 06 2011 06:15PM


When Winnipeg Jets chairman and governor, Mark Chipman,  walked into the Matt Frost Media Centre deep in the bowels of MTS Centre on Tuesday night, there was only one question worth asking: "Is there any part of this realignment deal you don't like?"

Chipman paused, but not for long. He looked back at his inquisitor and said: "No. Maybe it would be better if the conferences had the same number of teams... but I am not suggesting there should be expansion.

"I thought about that question coming over here tonight. And no, there is nothing about this realignment I don't like."

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