The Montreal Canadiens Stink and Other Things we Learned on Thursday Night.

Nation World HQ
December 22 2011 09:10PM


The Montreal Canadiens stink.

Whether it’s just a brief aberration or it’s something Habs fans can expect for the rest of the season, what happened on Wednesday night in Chicago and Thursday night in Winnipeg proved pretty clearly that the Canadiens are a bad team with a bad coach and a bad GM and whether we’re speaking in French or English, it’s still smelly.

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Cold War Echo

Andrey Osadchenko
December 21 2011 12:33PM


(pic courtesy Dirty Dangle)  

(Moscow native Andrey Osadchenko wanted to weigh in on the recent "Ovechkin on Steriods" controversy)

If you read John Steigerwald’s column about Ovechkin’s alleged steroid use and you listened to him argue with Ryan Lambert on the radio show about it and your initial reaction wasn’t ‘Wow!’ you are not an easy person to impress.

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Jets Lose in Shootout Despite Pavelec's Brilliance

Nation World HQ
December 20 2011 09:40PM

A number of years ago, when he was general manager of the Vancouver Canucks, Brian Burke made an astute statement about the Stanley Cup playoffs.

"We call them the Stanley Cup playoffs," said Burke, "because we can't call them Goalie."

Burke was being funny, but he was dead on. Without great goaltending you can't win the Stanley Cup (as the 2011 Boston Bruins will attest). In the case of the 2011-12 Winnipeg Jets, getting to the playoffs will be impossible without great goaltending.

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Weak Goaltending and the World Juniors Go Hand-in-Hand

Jonathan Willis
December 20 2011 02:38PM

The last several years have seen strong Canadian entries at the World Juniors. When it comes to the talent of their forwards and defensemen, Team Canada has access to riches unparalleled in any other country in the world.

The situation is a little different in net, where the uncertain tandem of Mark Visentin and Scott Wedgewood will backstop this year’s team.

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December 18 2011 11:55AM


Lots of WJC talk this week on NationRadio with the annual tournament right around the corner. Among the other topics this week is Magnus Paajarvi being sent from the Oilers to their AHL affiliate, the 2011-12 Boston Bruins, Red Deer Rebels and OKC Barons.

This is NationRadio.

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