When they were kids: Today's NHL stars

Steve Dangle
November 05 2013 12:01AM


You ever go on a never-ending YouTube journey until four in the morning? Well you're about to go on one.

While on a trip to Edmonton with the fine folks at Oilers Nation last week, we visited the West Edmonton Mall. While walking around, we came across an indoor ice rink right in the middle of the mall. I had heard of this place in interviews with Jordan Eberle and Steven Stamkos in the past. I realized that this is where The Brick Tournament is played.

I mentioned that it would be really cool to see footage of guys like Eberle and Stamkos as kids playing novice. Not long after, Avry showed me that not only is there footage - there's tonnes of it!

Check these gems out!

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Jets Post-Game 16: The Fun Zone

Kevin McCartney
November 04 2013 09:33PM

A stunning performance by the Jets exposed the thinning depth of the injury ravaged Red Wings. Winnipeg owned the puck against the league's defining possession team, controlled the neutral zone, and drove to the crease. It looked like a brand new Jets team at times.

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JGD 16: Motor City

Kevin McCartney
November 04 2013 12:31PM


Time ruins all things.

The Winged Wheel will skate at the MTS Centre tonight. It's an exciting group to watch as one of only a few clubs to hold out against the most recent 'Turn to Grit' we've seen since the success of Boston and LA. While much of the league is hunting for Milan Lucic, trying to win some psychological war, and filling their depth with the young and cheap, Detroit continues to develop players slowly and instill a puck centric mentality. 

It's a small, old group with outstanding puck support and possession. Even on a night in which the Jets are likely to lose, try to enjoy watching a system that refuses to give up the puck, and the aging stars that make it possible. 

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Game 15 vs. Chicago: Scoring Chances

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 04 2013 01:58AM

For the second time this year I’m able to present the Jets scoring chances following a game that produced results greatly affected by the score. Unlike the game against the Blues early last week, the twitter-despair was completely accurate in explaining how terrible this game really was for the Jets from the second period onwards. Regardless, here are the chances from Saturday’s matchup against the ‘Hawks.

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Game 15 vs. Chicago: Pavelec, Monty and Entries

Travis Hrubeniuk
November 04 2013 01:55AM

There’s only really one word that can sum up this game for me. Outclassed.

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