By The Numbers: A look at the Winnipeg Jets and Anaheim Ducks players

Garret Hohl
April 16 2015 12:28PM

The Winnipeg Jets are facing the Anaheim Ducks in a best of seven series. Two teams go in, but only one will come out the victor and move on to the next round.

As members of two separate divisions, the Jets and Ducks have not faced off against each other very often. They have only gone head-to-head three times this season. Because of these reasons, Jets fans may not be so familiar with the non-star players of the opposition.

Let's take a look at how the Jets and Ducks players stack up against each other.

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Playoff Preview - Game 1: Jets relish underdog role against top-ranked Ducks

Angelo Montilla
April 16 2015 08:57AM

It's no secret the Winnipeg Jets will be heavy underdogs when they begin the Stanley Cup playoffs Thursday night against the Western Conference's top-seeded Anaheim Ducks.

The Jets went down to the wire to grab the second and final wild-card spot in the West, while the Ducks dominated the regular season and topped the conference with 109 points.

It may be a battle of David and Goliath based on the standings, but if anyone is ready to write off these pesky Jets ... well, think again.

"We're a huge, decided underdog in this series," Jets coach Paul Maurice admitted in an interview with the Winnipeg Free Press.

"But we have some confidence in our game."

Let's take a look at how Game One will break down.

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2015 Stanley Cup playoffs: Winnipeg Jets vs. Anaheim - Round one preview

Garret Hohl
April 15 2015 08:00AM

It is the eye of the storm for fans devoted to the Winnipeg Jets. The celebrations for the Jets very first playoff excursion since the move have all but settled. For some, this is their first time. For others this is just the first time in a long time.

The playoffs are far more familiar territory for the Anaheim Ducks, with only missing twice since the last lockout-cancelled season. Situations may look familiar to some Duck fans, but there are some significant changes this year and the Ducks are hoping these push them past their second round roadblock.

Let's take a deeper look into this series after the jump.

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April 15 2015 07:01AM

It's very easy to overlook Oliver Kylington based on his boxcar numbers but the resume is strong and the scouting report impressive. He arrived in the Swedish Hockey League at 16 and could be the best skating defender available at this summer's draft. Oliver Kylington is a significant talent.

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Future NHEHLERS - April 14th, 2015

Josh W
April 14 2015 06:25PM

Welcome back to another installment of Future NHEhlers, where we review all the latest in news and play for the Winnipeg Jets (non-AHL) prospects. We dig into all the game reports from the CHL, NCAA, and Europe to let you know how all of your future favourites are progressing.

Without further ado, let's move to the numbers!

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